8 Ways to Improve Your Online Course

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8 Ways to Improve Your Online Course


How to make online learning version 2.0 better.

Steven Mintz

August 11, 2020 

Anxiety is in the air.  So, too, is anger, depression, bewilderment, and disappointment.  With their lives in limbo, college students, with good reason, fear that their family’s finances, their academic plans, and, indeed, their future have been upended.  Insecurity is rampant.

For those of us who will teach large online classes in the fall, the challenge is clear:  We must design and deliver courses that are engaging, interactive, well supported, and responsive to the times.

Here are some simple, straightforward ways to ensure that Round 2 of online learning is measurably better than it was in the Spring.

1.  Build a personal connection with your students.

2.  Motivate your students.

3.  Help students maintain focus.

4.  Create a sense of community

5.  Make discussions meaningful.

6.  Increase student engagement.

7.  Address equity issues.

8.  Identify and support struggling students.