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COCAL is the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a 20 year old network of contingent activists and their organizations that does a conference (now tri-national - USA, CAN (including QBC), and MEX) every other year, usually in August. It also sponsors a listserv, called ADJ-L, and has an International Advisory Committee, a website and Facebook page <>, as well as this news aggregator, COCAL UPDATES. See below at bottom for details on joining the listserv and other resources.
CAMPUS EQUITY WEEK 2017, Halloween Week

SUBJ: Campus Equity Week Promotional Materials
DATE: September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day! 

As you know, the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign now has a published website:  If you haven't perused its pages yet, please do!

The arts-based site contains a toolkit with downloadable artwork to use on posters and fliers:

as well as access to a virtual store at this link: where you can purchase union made buttons and/or stickers.

The online store has two different options for ordering buttons and/or stickers to publicize the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign. Visitors can order either the new design for 2017 or a combo pack of old (2013) and new (2017) designs.

Please consider ordering a few buttons/stickers to distribute within your network to promote interest in our CEW campaign this year.  You can order as few as 10 buttons or 100 stickers. Wear a button. Put a sticker on the back of your cell phone cover so people will see it whenever you pull out your phone.

Those of you who are members of unions or other organizations that may participate in CEW could encourage your organization to place a larger order. We can always produce more items if they sell out, but if everyone waits until mid October to place an order, we won't have time to restock and get them to you in time for your events.

Buttons are $.49 each and stickers are $.075 each, plus shipping and handling. The per item handling cost decreases the more items you order.

Don't forget to follow the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign on Twitter @2017CEW and use the hashtags #2017CEW and/or #mask4ce. Visit the Facebook page "Campus Equity Week 2017" at

Anne Wiegard
UUP, AFT Local 2190
mAsk4CampusEquity Steering Committee

From AFT

See also:

New CEW 2017 website launched
We have just published the website: 

More than a year in the making, the mAsk4CampusEquity arts-based campaign for CEW 2017 invites the full spectrum of higher education activists to get involved in planning an event for our national day of action on October 31, 2017.

The site offers historical context, eleven different types of projects that are not difficult to implement, and a toolkit with graphic designs and a link to a virtual store where mAsk4CampusEquity buttons and stickers can be ordered (union made, of course!).

Please promote the website and the social media accounts linked to it:
"Campus Equity Week 2017" on Facebook;
@2017CEW on Twitter where we ask you to use hashtags #2017CEW and #mask4ce.


Anne Wiegard
Lecturer, SUNY Cortland
UUP, AFT Local 2190
mAsk4ce steering committee

1. Bernie to speak at CCSF to celebrate Free City
1. U of Manitoba (CN) faculty ratifies contract under duress
2. Canada, Montreal, Instbilty of work causes probelmes for Concordia U’s PT faculty union (CUPFA)
3. Canada, Opsu faculty vote strike mandate in colleges in Ontario
and faculty speak out about contract (temporary) faculty
1. U of RI instructors continue to picket
2. Siena College faculty (SEIU) ratify first contract
3. Brandeis U (Boston) FT contingent lecturers strive for better pay and benefits (SEIU)
4. Are elite universities safe places: not if you are trying to start a union
Contingents and shared governance
5. MN court decision might mean end to university unionization, say some
6. Tiffany Kraft (of SEIU Faculty Forward) on higher ed admins. worth a read
7. High stakes in Burlington teachers’ showdown
8. This week’s
9. Boston College grads hopeful on eve of NLRB election
10. Michael Berube on "fixing” things for fixed term faculty at Penn Stwte
11. Tenured allies and the normalization of contingent labor
12. “One faculty” and academic governance
13. Grad student requests help with online writing teachers’ working conditions survey research
Good afternoon,

My name is Annika Vorhes, and I am a PhD candidate at Miami University. I
am working on my dissertation and looking for ways that contingent faculty
teaching fully online writing classes feel they need more support to
create, design, and lead their classes. I have designed a brief survey to
gain some initial information. I would like to post the survey on the
listserv in the hopes that members will participate. The survey can be
found here:
Please let me know if you have any questions and if you are able to assist
me in posting the link to the survey.

Thank you for your time,

Annika Vorhes

Annika Vorhes, PhD Candidate
Department of English
Miami University
362 Bachelor Hall
Oxford, Ohio 45056
14. More from Labor Campaign for Single Payer and Bernie's bill about to be released in Senate
Labor Campaign for Single-Payer
To: LCSP National Advisory Board and National Steering Committee
From: Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator
For those of you who couldn't make this afternoon's call, after reviewing the draft bill, the steering committee unanimously endorsed the Medicare for All bill. We will continue to work to ensure that long term care is fully covered and to clarify just transition benefits for all affected workers but we consider this to be a watershed moment for our movement.  
Much credit goes to the single payer advocacy groups and unions worked to ensure that this is a bill we can be proud of.  We are proud to be part of a grassroots movement that will bring at least 14 (14!) senators to the table as co-sponsors tomorrow. Two years ago, Senator Sanders couldn't even find one co-sponsor for his bill.  Last year at this time, the Democratic candidate for president was running around the country telling us that we would "never" have single payer.  Now almost every conceivable candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2020 is falling over themselves to endorse.  I have no illusions about who our real friends are, but single payer has become the litmus test.  And that says something about the movement we all helped to build.  
We will attend the press conference tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm eastern time in Room 216 of the Hart Senate Office Building and anyone in the DC area is welcome to join us.  You can watch a livestream  of the event on Bernie's Facebook page:  After the press conference, we will be attending a meeting of AFL-CIO affiliates to discuss how to encourage the Federation to actively support the Bill. 
Thank you all for your patience and wisdom as we worked our way through these issues.  In Solidarity. 
Mark Dudzic
National Coordinator
15. Left (coast) forum. LA Trade Tech, Nov. 3-5. A good opportunity for contingent faculty activists to make a presence.
16. Temp work now permanent fixture in US economy
17. Tentative agreement at W MI U
We have a Tentative Agreement at Eastern Michigan University. Thanks to all of you who made phone calls!

Jon Curtiss
Organizer, AFT Michigan, AFL-CIO
(734) 358-7004
Action Network Email
EMUFT Reaches TA on New Contract

The Eastern Michigan University Federation of Teachers have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. Organizing was a key part of EMUFT's success. Rallies took place during months of bargaining; members not on the bargaining team attended negotiations; other unions, students, community leaders provided important support, elected officials contacted University administration. Strong work at the bargaining table and organizing achieved the settlement. Congrats to EMUFT.

/Members, other unions, elected officials in EMUFT caucus room on September 1, day contract was settled. Supporters had walked over from EMUFT campus rally./

18. Fact-finder’s decision to go to vote at Youngstown State
19. At Sierra Nevada College (NV), faculty laid off in cut-backs for trying to unionize
20. U of VT faculty union (AFT) at impasse
21. Webinar of possible interest
A new topic has been posted on the LRAN Listserv by Ben Woods.

Topic Title: LRAN Webinar-"Internal Organizing & New Member Orientation" Tues Sept. 26 @2pm
Click to see (you must be logged in):

The LRAN Projects committee is continuing its quarterly webinar series. Our next webinar, "Internal Organizing and New Member Orientations," will be held on Tuesday September 26, at 2pm EST.

With the possibility of federal right-to-work legislation, it is incumbent upon the labor movement to make internal organizing and orientations a top priority. Please join our discussion, led by a panel of experienced researchers and organizers:

Erin Young Assistant Regional Director, AFSCME
Seth Hutchinson CWA Local 6186
Dr. Paul F. Clark Director of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State
Ben Woods Researcher, Jobs With Justice

We will examine how the labor movement is developing its new member orientations and internal organizing, and will address some of the following questions:
• How can we use orientations to challenge right-to-work?
• How are unions like CWA and AFSCME strengthening internal organizing?
• How can good orientations help unions go on the offensive?
• How has internal organizing contributed to successful campaigns?

If there is a topic you are interested in for a future webinar, please reach out to me.

To post to the LRAN listserv, login to, click “Listserv” then click on an appropriate topic. If you are not a member, click “Join Now” to access the listserv.
22. From Aaron Calafato, fre downlod of “For Profit” show available
Dear Joe, 

I hope this finds you well. 

In recent years I've been quite busy. I've been fortunate enough to, in partnership with the City Club of Cleveland, launch a storytelling and conversation podcast called 
Authentic Audio Podcast. 

Now, even though my focus has shifted solely to my podcast and after not performing my monologue  For Profit  in nearly two years, I'm still getting dozens of emails from people about the play and how they can access it. 

So, I decided starting this Fall I would give a free download of the play away for free as a public resource.  

In response to a Trump administration and our Ed Department "leader" Betsy DeVos,
I'm encouraging activists, educators, artists, parents and students to use my script as a creative resource addressing the dangers of predatory For Profit Schools, the reality of the Student Debt Crisis and the important role all of us can play in Higher Ed & Student Debt reform.  

Whether it's to start a conversation, use as a classroom resource or presentation, as a performance piece, a monologue, an audition piece or just a quick read, I think this is a really useful tool to further the cause.   

I was hopeful you could help share this initiative with your respective email lists, platforms and colleagues. 

Let me know if have any additional suggestions or ideas for how to better disseminate. Any ideas would be appreciated. 

Thanks for your work ! 

Aaron Calafato
Host of Authentic Audio Podcast
23. More on Barnard College (NY) firings of union activist adjuncts
24. From Labor for Bernie to Labor for Our Revolution  (Where are the education unions???)
25. Ithaca College (NY) union resolves NLRB chares against admin
26 (An adjunct) too broke for pop culture
27. Siena College (NY) adjuncts ratify contract with big raise
28. Faculty union at Northwestern U says admin refusing to bargain
and   The latest from Northwestern, 


James Farr
Professor of Political Science
Director, Chicago Field Studies
Northwestern University

From: Northwestern University Provost <>
Reply-To: NU Announcements <>
Date: Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 3:46 PM
To: James Farr <>
Subject: Update on Non-Tenure Eligible Faculty Unionization Election

As we updated you several months ago, the National Labor Relations Board continues to review the July 2016 election by non-tenure eligible faculty in six schools (Bienen, Communication, Education and Social Policy, McCormick, Medill, and Weinberg) on whether to form a union to collectively bargain with the University.

There are twenty-five ballots – a decisive number – that remain uncounted because they were challenged by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). These uncounted ballots represent 5% of the total vote, and the University believes the vote of every faculty member who participated in the election should be counted to ensure the outcome reflects the will of the majority who voted.

Today the SEIU has filed unfair labor practice charges against the University because we will not begin collective bargaining negotiations. We are disappointed by the union’s stance, since the election’s outcome has not been finally determined, and it is SEIU’s challenges that are preventing that resolution. Last week we wrote to the SEIU to ask them once again to drop these challenges so the election could be finalized as soon as possible and both the University and NTE faculty can move forward with certainty.

We have strong working relationships with unions that represent a number of Northwestern employees, and should the final results of this election indicate a majority of the non-tenure eligible faculty voted for a union, we are committed to forming a productive relationship with this new union as well. We are ready to move forward, no matter the outcome, and hope this matter can be promptly concluded.

We have repeatedly asked the SEIU to withdraw its objections to counting the ballots of Northwestern faculty members so this election can draw to a conclusion. We are ready to move forward in a way that reflects the will of the majority.


Jonathan Holloway
Provost and Professor

29. Labor’s southern strategy (and lessons for us)
30. Bucks County CC  (PA) faculty settle contract (both FT and PT)
31. Faculty Assoc. of CA CC’s on PT faculty

"Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education". by Joe Berry, from Monthly Review Press, 2005. Look at <> for full information, individual sales, bulk ordering discounts, or to invite me to speak at an event or email

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Campus Equity Week 2017 (Halloween Week)

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