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COCAL is the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a 20 year old network of contingent activists and their organizations that does a conference (now tri-national - USA, CAN (including QBC), and MEX) every other year, usually in August. It also sponsors a listserv, called ADJ-L, and has an International Advisory Committee, a website and Facebook page <>, as well as this news aggregator, COCAL UPDATES. See below at bottom for details on joining the listserv and other resources.

1. New chancellor for CCSF
1. Provincial court rules that Ontario education workers are owed over $100 million for the government’s legislative violation of their collective bargaining rights, setlement reached 
1. More from the People’s Summit
2. 6 years after their election, Manhattan College adjuncts finally get their votes counted and the union (AFT) won
3. LA port contingent truck drivers set to strike.
and front page story (very good) on them in USA Today
4. Duke U (NC) adjuncts close to a first contract 
Duke Adjuncts Close to Reaching Historic Consensus
Payday reported earlier this year
d-ballots/>  that Duke graduate employees lost a tough election. Their
adjunct faculty colleagues, however, are on the verge of a big win."
In March of 2016, adjuncts at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina
became the first adjuncts to successfully unionize at a private university
in the South. Now adjuncts at Duke say that they are close to a union
contract with the only differences existing on issues about pay and
professional development.
The main area of focus is on setting a minimum salary for instructors that
ensures no full-time instructor is paid less than $35,000 - the current
minimum salary for Durham public school teachers. Duke's current proposal
would offer some full-time instructors as little as $27,000 per year.
The union says that the difference between the costs of their proposal is
approximately $150,000. So far, however, Duke Das refused to budge.
"Our requests are both modest and realistic," the union said in an open
letter to Duke University Administration
k-out-for-fair-wages-in-open-letter/>  on June 13. "The idea that we as
faculty are somehow trying to break Duke's bank is frankly absurd - it's the
kind of thing people used to thinking in terms of game theory might believe,
but it in no way reflects the approach we've taken in bargaining.”
5. NCSCBHEP E-Note for June. Lots of good stuff, including some not reported before.
6. Interesting article on the electoral politics that the national mainstream press ignores
7. United Assoc. For Labor Education (UALE) women’s summer schools upcoming. Strongly recommended.
8. More on merger of Chicago charter schools local union with CTU
9. Taxi drivers suffering in Chicago (contingents all)
10. A day in the life of a day laborer
11. AAUP considers paying adjuncts elected to leadership posts (NFM Pres. Maria Maisto quoted)
12. Interesting model for organizing contingent fast food workers, some lessons for us perhaps
13. At national meeting, AAUP, for the first time in its history, censures a college for firing a contingent faculty member
14. Open letter from an adjunct at St Kate’s to her union busting president
15. Send an email in support of adjuncts at Siena College  trying to get  a first contract two yers after winning election
16. This week’s
17. Duke U (NC) adjuncts demand higher pay
18. Interesting history of for-profit higher ed.
19. Regional conference on academic CB set by NCSCBHEP for Long Beach, CA in Dec. 1-2, co-sponsoships sought.
20. Healthcare Rocks -  single payer video for the bill in CA leg presently
21. Adjunct at Essex College (NJ) suspended after appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox.
22. U Mass-Lowell adjuncts demonstrate for better pay and benefits (UAW)
23. SEIU local 509 introduces fair pay bill in MA legislature . See below for details.
24. FTNTT faculty at Washington U (ST Louis, MO) vote down union, but challenged ballots are more than the difference (SEIU)
25. Contingent freelance writers (NWU, UAW 1981) take to twitter to get Ebony to pay them
26. Article speaks to conditions faced by UPS part-timers (many are our students)
23. Hi y'all,

Fyi--interesting (if imperfect) legislation being proposed by SEIU in MA.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 18:48:10 -0400
From: Dennis MacDonald <>
Subject: Adjunct Faculty Parity House Bill Hearing 6/29/17 will affect you

Hello Betsy,

My name is Dennis MacDonald, I’m reaching out to you from Local 509 of the
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) about a bill that could have a
dramatic impact on adjunct faculty in Massachusetts*.* SEIU 509 is
Massachusetts’ Union for Human Service Workers and Educators. Currently we
represent over 4,000 adjunct, part-time, and full-time contingent faculty
at Boston-area colleges and universities including: Brandeis, Tufts,
Northeastern, Lesley, Bentley, and Boston University.

As the State’s largest union of contingent faculty working at private
universities, we are working with our members, their students,
tenure-stream supporters, and community organizations to increase faculty
voice on campus and support teaching, learning, and research. Of particular
concern to the faculty we represent (and their students) is the increasing
corporatization of higher education and the disparate treatment of adjunct

Our work to address this concern includes working with state lawmakers to
pass legislation that addresses the industry-wide treatment of adjuncts. We
have worked with lawmakers to introduce House Bill 2236
<>, which seeks to enact fair
compensation and scheduling standards for adjuncts. If enacted, this bill
would dramatically improve the working conditions of thousands of
Massachusetts adjuncts, as well as the quality of their students’
education! In order to get this bill passed, we will need to show strong
faculty support. We are reaching out to faculty around the state to get
them involved and let them know of ways to show their support for the bill.
There will be a public hearing in room A-1 of the State House on Thursday,
June 29, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. We will meet in room 437 prior to the hearing and
give out Higher Ed T-shirts so we can show strength in numbers at the

This bill has the opportunity to dramatically impact the pay and job
security for adjunct faculty, but without the support of constituents like
you, it could die in committee. I would love to talk further with you about
the bill and upcoming opportunities to get involved!

Best Wishes,

Dennis MacDonald, Faculty Forward Organizer
(781) 883-7519

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