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COCAL is the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a 20 year old network of contingent activists and their organizations that does a conference (now tri-national - USA, CAN (including QBC), and MEX) every other year, usually in August. It also sponsors a listserv, called ADJ-L, and has an International Advisory Committee, a website and Facebook page <>, as well as this news aggregator, COCAL UPDATES. See below at bottom for details on joining the listserv.


1. Labor for Bernie (Our Revolution) supports MayDay without immigrants
2. Facebook tells workers they can join mayday actions? Is Google next?
3. mayday call to action at universities
4. Organizing protection for people who walk out on Mayday
Comrades -

The Labor Caucus of Bay Resistance is apparently organizing crews to help workers who walk out on May Day get their jobs back. I received this invitation from Brooke Anderson, a real solid Bay Area comrade in the labor and climate spaces including formerly with Fight for Fifteen.

If Oakland Women's Strike Organizing Collective participants are interested in doing this work ourselves in the future, this would be an excellent training experience.

love and solidarity,

5. Mayday participation by AFT 2121 at CCSF
6. Upcoming Mayday strike could be the biggest in a decade
7. Union leaders urge May Day action
8. Ramping up for May Day
9. Don’t go to work
10. Interviews for resistance
1.Requirement of 2.0 GPA may threaten Free City
and a petition to protect it
1. Employment status given to all doctoral candidates
1. Charter school teachers organizing in Chicago
2. Adjunct union push goes public at Fordham
and Fordham tuition at $45,000 and professors on Medicaid
3. Weatherford College (TX) competes for adjuncts
4. for this week
5. Adjuncts at Southwestern College demand better treatment
6. Grads at American U (DC) organize
7. Point Park faculty  (PA) push for first contract (USW)
8. Centering the experience of NTT faculty of color - requesting participants for study
9. Peralta CCD (Oakland-Berkeley, CA) parcel tax funds stolen from adjuncts
10. Time to acept adjunct union at Duquesne
11.CA  ST U’s gender gap goes deeper than pay: most contingents are women
12. Part-timers file for union at U of S FL (SEIU)
13. Arcadia U ({PA) adjuncts form union (AFT)
14. Save Ruskin’s BA and MA courses
For COCAL list, to get people to sign protest.

Helena Worthen

*Apologies for cross-posting*  


Dear colleagues, comrades and friends -


The management of Ruskin College Oxford, historically central to working-class and labour education in the UK, have decided to effectively close its BA and MA in International Labour and Trade Union Studies by making all academic staff in the department redundant, meaning that there is now no institution providing labour and trade union studies in the UK.


Please sign the petition to support Ruskin College Oxford here


and circulate this on any lists where you think people may be interested / supportive.


In solidarity,




Senior lecturer in sociology, National University of Ireland Maynooth

Directeur d’études associé, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris

Research consultant, The Field Centre, Gloucestershire
ctivism MA at Maynooth; @ceesa_ma

The Dhammaloka Project: early western Buddhists, anti-colonialism and Ireland

Learning from each other's struggles personal website

15. How Barnard contingents won their first contract
16. Editorial Georgetown U: value faculty, protect union
17. U of S FL file for union
18. NLRB says Manhattan College (NY) adjuncts can organize
19. Dear Joe,

The videos from last month's "Organizing the Academic Precariat" conference at CUNY are now available. The details are below. Please feel free to share widely. 

Thank you,

Panel 1: History and Trends -

- Stephen Brier, CUNY Graduate Center & Murphy Institute, on the austerity forces that drive adjunctification 
- Luke Elliott-Negri, CUNY Graduate Center & Professional Staff Congress, on the history of adjuncts within the PSC-CUNY
- Steven Hurlburt, American Institutes of Research, on how adjunct labor allows universities to shift costs but not necessarily save costs

Panel 2: Adjunct Organizing Lessons -

- Malini Cadambi Daniel, SEIU, on the organizing model of SEIU's Faculty Forward campaign
- Sonam Singh, Barnard Contingent Faculty-UAW Local 2110, on lessons from Barnard’s adjunct unionization and contract campaign
- Jonathan Karpf, San Jose State University & California Faculty Association, on how adjuncts across the 23-campus California State University system built power within their union

20. News from our contingent sisters and brothers: farmworkers in NC with a union
21. NLRB says Geo Wash U resident advisors have right to unionize 
and NLRB REGIONAL DIRECTOR SIDES WITH GW RESIDENT ASSISTANTS: NLRB Regional Director Sean Marshall ruled that resident assistants at The George Washington University may hold an election to unionize, shooting down the university's argument that RAs were not actually employees. "The RAs' terms and conditions of employment are not governed by any collegiate body other than the Employer, and the RAs' duties do not require them to interact with RAs from other educational institutions," Marshall wrote. "For the foregoing reasons, I find that there are no compelling policy considerations that would require excluding the Employer's resident advisors from coverage under the Act." Read the ruling here.

22. PA Republicans going after teachers on union leave (Morning Shift)

PENN REPUBLICANS PLAY 'GHOSTBUSTERS': Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature are considering a measure that would root out so-called "ghost teachers," or teachers who take an extended leave to work for the union while still receiving a taxpayer-funded paycheck, benefits and seniority, Natasha Lindstrom and Jamie Martines report for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "The state Senate is set to take up a bill that would prohibit school districts from allowing teachers to take time away from the classroom - in some cases, for a year or more - to work for local or statewide teachers unions and perform tasks such as handling personnel disputes, representing colleagues in hearings and coordinating professional development," Lindstrom and Martines write.

The extent of the practice is unclear, however. Under state law, teachers may receive paid leave only if the union reimburses the whole cost to the district. More here.
23. Our colleague Bob Samuels (U of CA AFT Council Pres) on why precarious faculty should not be mainly evaluated by students
24. How to secure a TT job [Article is offensive to me, but you may be interested.]
25. Maria Maisto, NFM leader, interviewed by Ralph Nader
Here it is --

Eager to hear your feedback!

Maria Maisto
President/ED, New Faculty Majority: The National Coalition for Adjunct and Contingent Equity
and the NFM Foundation
26. This from former U of Iowa grad union leader and organizer Jonathan Kissam
Sisters and brothers, friends and comrades--

I'm writing to let you know about a new labor podcast that I am co-hosting with current National Nurses United organizer (and former UE organizer) Sam Smucker.

We just published our first episode, in which Sam and I talk with Professors Kerstin Hamann and John Kelly, who do research on recent general strikes in Europe:

Their research has some fascinating implications for what a successful general strike in the U.S. would look like, and we're hoping that this can contribute to some serious discussion in the US labor and social movements about this topic.

If you like it, please share with your networks - there is also an embed option if you run a website and want to embed it directly in a post - and if you're on Twitter, follow us (and tweet questions & comments) at @smashuppodcast

You can also post questions, comments, etc., and sign up for an email list, on our website

Also, we would love suggestions for other guests or topics to cover in the future. While we didn't quite manage it with this episode, our ambition is to do a podcast that is also fun and humorous, more fried food and less fiber-filled vegetables.


Jonathan Kissam | 802 559 1266
27. New web TV series about adjuncts
28. St Louis U (MO) adjuncts finalize first contract (SEIU)
29. Judge dismisses suit against NCAA about athletes as employees
30. Call for Papers for 2018 NCSCBHEP spring confernce
31. CO AAUP academic freedom conference
32. Yale grads (UNITE/HERE) begin hunger strike to force bargaining
33. CA job announcement
Hello everyone! We have another position open at NUHW. Please share this link with folks who might be interested or who might pass it on to others:
Many thanks.
Phyllis Willett
Director of Operations
Ofc:  510-834-2009
Fax:  510-834-2018
Cell:  510-219-4910

National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)
5801 Christie Ave, Suite 525
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34. Fordham students attacked by campus security while rallying for contingent faculty
35. Who voved my teachers?
36. This week’s
37. Seven years an adjunct, part 2


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