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COCAL is the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a 20 year old network of contingent activists and their organizations that does a conference (now tri-national - USA, CAN (including QBC), and MEX) every other year, usually in August. It also sponsors a listserv, called ADJ-L, and has an International Advisory Committee, a website and Facebook page <>, as well as this news aggregator, COCAL UPDATES. See below at bottom for details on joining the listserv.

1. New groups prepare for Mayday strikes and other actions

2. and



5. Momentum builds for MayDay strikes

Death of our colleague and comrade from Ohio, David Wilder, a leader of the Ohio PT Faculty Assoc.

Some of you may already know, David Wilder, and artist and adjunct activist working out of Ohio, was an innocent bystander killed in a drive-by shooting in Cleveland this weekend. I knew David through work with the New Faculty Majority, where we worked together with artists from across the country on national campaigns for adjunct equity. He has made significant contributions to the movement, including his original design work for Campus Equity Week
According to activist Miranda Merklein, it was David who came up with the viral social media hashtag  #IAmMargaretMary . 
That campaign sparked international outrage about the death of Margaret Mary Vojtko at Dusquene and made the plight of precarious faculty visible.

Please read about our brother David here

and if you can, please help his family with funeral expenses here





1. Chancellor to leave CCSF [and good news]


1. Tamkang U (Taiwan) to lay off 200 FT adjuncts profs, deny it is to cheat them out of pensions

2. Call for papers on Precarious Academic labor in era of neoliberalism, May 5-7 in Okanagan College in BC, Canada

3. Childcare union in Columbia emerges as major player

4. Taiwan again excludes adjuncts from pensions

5. Pay system for French academics. no mention of contingents


1. Study suggests that tenure for teaching-only positions is a bad thing (among other questionable findings)

2.  4/15 CA Emergency California Education Conference: Let’s Fight for Quality and Free Public Education for All Students, Faculty and Staff
Blueprints for a Future: Transforming Education Conference
See below for details. Call for proposals open until April 1.

3. Rockford (IL) classified employees (AFSCME) end nine day ULP strike

4. Uber loses bid to overturn Seattle action giving drivers right to unionize as workers

5. A good summary article on who really pays taxes and at what rate to support public services like education

6. New report on temp industry in IL (and the bill in state leg to regulate it)

7. U of MD University College spins off units as for-profit stand alone companies. [Could this be a response to attempts by the all-contingent faculty there to organize?]

8. CA proposal to tax the rich to pay for free public higher ed

9. Labor educator job opening in Washington state with union
The Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) is recruiting to fill a Labor Educator to design, develop, and deliver a sophisticated training program for the WFSE staff and its members. This position is critical for moving from a servicing to an organizing model and also will help train/equip both staff and members to beat the serious challenges facing labor unions in the next year. We’re searching for an experienced trainer who has the ability to assess the training needs of the organization and its members, develop the curriculum, and deliver high quality training to equip staff and managers with the tools necessary to accomplish the mission and vision of the WFSE.

As an experienced training manager this position is responsible for developing our organizational training strategy, oversee its implementation and assess its outcomes for members and staff. This position will identify training and developmental needs and drive suitable training initiatives that professionalize staff and member skills. Choose appropriate training methods per case (simulations, mentoring, on the job training, professional development classes, etc). Draw an overall or individualized training and development plan that addresses needs and expectations. This position will fulfill two critical training components of the WFSE, Council 28: 1) Member resources and 2) internal staff training.

Download the entire job description, including info on how to apply, at the UALE Job Board.UALE.ORG

10. Worth a listen
Here is a very thorough (if a bit dry) overview of unionizing in higher ed, not that I like all of what this guy says (Who reaches *consensus*?), but I thought you folks might find some use for it as I did.


11. Good afternoon, everyone!

We have an opening for an Internal Organizer/Rep position in LA. Please share this link far and wide so that we are able to quickly fill an opening created by one of our current staff resigning.

Thanks for your help.


Phyllis Willett
Director of Operations
Ofc:  510-834-2009
Fax:  510-834-2018
Cell:  510-219-4910

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National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)
5801 Christie Ave, Suite 525
Emeryville, CA 94608

12. Gold’s Gym fitness trainers in LA to unionize, first in US

13. blank

14. Interesting article about our contingent fellow-workers at Uber

15. ABA may open door to using more adjuncts in law schools

16. SEIU files suit aginst U of MO Board over faculty organizing

17. Job opening for CA Domestic Workers Coalition Director. See below for details.


19. Ithaca College strike Cancelled, Adjuncts win everything

On Mar 27, 2017, at 8:59 AM, Chris Machanoff <<>> wrote:

The following bargaining committee members are available for comment and interview:  Rachel Kaufman (607) 752-2878; Tom Schneller (607) 272-3788; Megan Graham (607) 342-5724; Brody Burroughs (607) 342-0108

For Immediate Release: March 27, 2017
Contact: Chris Machanoff, 585.880.3345

Ithaca College Strike Cancelled, Faculty Win Everything

In a statement released from the contingent faculty bargaining committee, they said:

Today at negotiations we won on everything!  A significant pay increase for PT faculty, more stable appointments for FT contingent faculty, and maintaining our voice as one faculty union.  We are very pleased to announce that on the eve of our strike, our administration met all our demands. We have tentatively agreed to a collective bargaining agreement that we are extremely proud of.  Let us be clear, none of this would have happened without the campus community coming together in overwhelming numbers and demanding justice for our profession, our students and our college.

Our strike is off and we will be announcing dates for a two day ratification vote soon, where all members will get to review the contract and vote on it.  We will send out the tentative agreements and highlights after all clerical matters are cleaned up and finalized on the written agreements. When we stand together, we win.

Some highlights include:
- An established path towards pay parity for PT faculty.  PT faculty will receive immediate raises, as well as annual raises totaling $1,025/3 credit course over the life of our contract.  We believe that because of our hard work the administration is committed to the concept of pay parity going forward.

-More stability for FT contingent faculty.  FT contingent faculty will be eligible for two year appointments after 3 years of teaching at IC and three year appointments after 5 years of teaching at IC.

-More stability for PT contingent faculty.  PT contingent faculty will be eligible for two year appointments after 3 years of teaching at IC.  In addition, if classes are cut last minute, PT contingent faculty will receive a $1,300 kill fee per class canceled.

-Earlier notice of appointment for FT and PT contingent faculty to plan our lives.

- Guaranteed interview and consideration for minimally qualified FT and PT contingent faculty applying for any full-time faculty position.

-Access to professional development funding

-The right to be one faculty union

-A grievance procedure as well as just cause provision so no one will be fired without just cause.

-A labor management committee which will meet regularly to discuss contingent faculty concerns.

-Contingent faculty will be eligible for the same teaching excellence awards as tenured and tenure track faculty.

-Earlier fall semester pay day for part-time faculty.

20. Underpaid faculty at Fort Lewis College

21. Temple (PA) should value educators

and still negotiating adding adjuncts to contract

22. Part-time faculty at Tufts (MA) prepare to negotiate second contract


23. Petition for Palomar (CC) adjunct faculty

24. Adjunct at Aurora CC (IL) fired for refusing to dumb down course


25. AAUP says adjuncts at CO CC’s lack academic freedom

26. Cornell grad union election too close to call


27. Santa Fe CC FT faculty unionize with AAUP

28. UC Berkeley job
From: Steven Pitts
Date: Mar. 30, 2017 at 05:18 pm
Subject: [LRAN] New Position at the UC Berkeley Labor Center: Director of Student Programming
Category: General / NA

The UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education (the Labor Center) is hiring a Director of Student Programming. This is an exciting job for someone who wants to bridge the University and social justice/labor communities, help inspire and train the next generation of labor and community organizers, researchers and leders; and develop action-oriented collaborative research and field projects with unions and community organizations.  The position will be 50/50 lecturer and academic coordinator position: the person will be expected to teach 3 labor studies courses each year and also expand the Labor Center’s student programming (trainings, events, internship placements, etc.). Please send to your networks - our ideal candidate is someone with experience in the labor movement who also holds a PhD and has been working as a lecturer at Berkeley or elsewhere.

Here is the link to the application and longer description:

29. Brown U (RI) grads vote AFT

30. CA PT Faculty Assoc (in CCs) annual conference Apil 29, Laney College, Oakland, CA

31. Possible show of interest
Adjuncts and allies:

Have any of you seen yet, or heard about, Adjuncts WebSeries @theadjunctshow ?
I just saw the first episode (link below). I think this is created somewhere in Atlanta, or Kennesaw State University. Does anybody know these folks? It’s borderline, but borderline what I can’t put my finger on yet. Enjoy.

-Larry Duncan

32. Vanderbilt adjuncts to vote on union

33. From NFM regarding Campus Equity Week

I have attached the final draft of our Spring announcement about mAsk4Campus Equity in 2017. I have done my best to fit our message into a one-page format that will be easy to reproduce.

Please distribute this PDF tomorrow to everyone in your own personal networks of campus activists and ask them to do the same. There may be some overlap but we'll have to live with it. Perhaps this information could be posted on both the NFM website and the FB page? As you know, Tuesday is historically the best day to get the media's attention and I hope that we will get some traction there. I will send it to the contingent leaders in my own local.


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34. Up to half of SUNY New Paltz adjuncts may lose jobs

35. SEIU praises Bernie Sanders’ College for All Act


37. Just wait til I get tenure, by Michael Yates (a must read)

38. U Mass adjuncts push for pay equality

39. New survey of adjuncts by for-profit company

40. Some universities take steps to imporve conditions for adjuncts


2. 4/15 CA Emergency California Education Conference: Let’s Fight for Quality and Free Public Education for All Students, Faculty and Staff
Blueprints for a Future: Transforming Education Conference
Emergency California Education Conference:
Let’s Fight for Quality and Free Public Education for All Students, Faculty and Staff

April 15th, 2017

A strong public education system is the foundation of every just and democratic society. Yet for most working families—especially those from black and brown communities— the right to free, high-quality education seems further than ever: early childhood education is inaccessible to children whose parents can’t afford it; k-12 schools are starved of resources while the imposition of high-stakes tests penalizes low-income districts and the explosion of charters exacerbates segregation and inequality; college and graduate students are drowning in debt as tuition at the UC and CSU systems continues to rise; black and brown students are terrorized by police violence, constant raids, and ongoing deportations; LGBTQI students are brutally bullied for their sexual and gender identity; and most students today are delivered an education that does not embrace their histories and experiences and does not educate them for liberation.

9:30AM - 6:00PM
UC Berkeley, 155 Dwinelle

Moreover, education workers are under attack, as universities insist on replacing tenure and tenure-track positions with precarious, contingent jobs and the prospect of right-to- work legislation threatens to weaken teachers’ unions, thereby undermining their working conditions and ability to advocate for themselves and the needs of their students. Now billionaire and privatization lobbyist Betsy DeVos begins her tenure as Secretary of Education, and she is planning to escalate the oppression and corporatization of the current education system.

For us, it’s time to propose another path: if we tax corporations and billionaires in our state, and if we get students and teachers to democratically run our schools, we can build the kind of education system we need. In order to get these things, we need to build a movement that takes mass action for our education, and we need to organize democratically and independently from the Republican and the Democratic Party, so we rely in our power and we have the final say of what needs to be done.

To this end, we call on all California students, parents, and education workers to join us in building a collective vision and strategy for transforming public education. We need a system that guarantees free, high-quality education from pre- school to doctoral degrees as a universal right; provides just working conditions for all teachers and education employees; and centers the needs of our most vulnerable and marginalized students while openly combating racism, islamophobia, sexism, homophobia and all forms of oppression.

It’s time to go on the offensive! Our education labor unions and students have a key role to play and we need to unite across sectors and build power through independent and grassroots action! We want to propose to all education workers and students to join in the May 1st General Strike, to support immigrant rights and workers, to defeat “right-to- work” legislation and to demand the education we need!

At the Conference we will:

    • Discuss the multiple factors that have led to the current crisis at all levels of public education.

    • Hold teach-ins and workshops on how to build collective power in our education workers’ unions and schools.

    • Discuss strategies for taking action (including May 1st), in particular labor action, to fight privatization and create an education system that gives all people a future worth fighting for!

Workshop Proposals

WE ARE ACCEPTING WORKSHOP PROPOSALS UNTIL APRIL 1: we encourage facilitators to submit workshop proposals on specific aspects of the education crisis, educational activism, and/or visions for the future of public education.

To submit a workshop proposal, please indicate your interest in the form below, and follow up by emailing your proposal to with the subject header [Your Last Name] Conference Proposal!

Your proposal should be for a workshop of about one hour, and include:

    • Facilitator(s) name(s)

    • Title of Workshop

    • A short blurb about the workshop main idea (2-3 sentences)

    • A quick outline of your workshop (4-5 sentences)

Please use the survey to RSVP and submit your workshop proposals! While the workshops are open to all

who’d like to facilitate, we especially encourage high school students, university students, teachers and education workers, university instructors, and parents to apply. People of color, women and queers, differently abled folks, immigrants, and the working class to the front!

SURVEY: viewform

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17. In case you know anyone who might be qualified and interested - fyi.

From: Gordon Mar <>
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2017 5:32 PM
To: JwJ-SF Steering Committee;
Subject: Fwd: Help us find a new Director for the CA Domestic Workers Coalition!

Dear JwJ'ers,

Please help one of JwJ's closest and most inspiring allies, the CA Domestic Workers Coalition find a new statewide coalition director. See the email below from Katie, their incredible outgoing director who's transitioning this Spring.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Katie Joaquin <>
Date: Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 4:28 PM
Subject: Fwd: Help us find a new Director for the CA Domestic Workers Coalition!

Hi Gordon & Kung,

Can you please forward the job announcement for the CDWC Director onto the JWJ lists locally and nationally? We would love to find a candidate with a strong Labor organizing background.  

Thank you in advance!

---------- Forwarded message ----------


Are you a skilled coalition-builder, fundraiser, communicator and organizer interested in standing up for immigrant workers’
rights in this moment?  The California Domestic Worker Coalition (CDWC) is seeking a Director to build the voice and power of immigrant women workers in California.

The California Domestic Workers Coalition (CDWC) is committed to winning better working
conditions and stronger labor protections for household workers. We are currently focused on solidifying the coalition as the leading voice of privately hired immigrant household workers in California and strengthening labor rights enforcement, with special
attention to the conditions and needs of our primarily immigrant women membership in this difficult political moment.  


Coalition Director
will maintain and cultivate relationships with key policy and legislative partners, manage the coalition’s budget and fundraising, and provide
direction and support to the coalition staff team. 
This is a full-time position that requires flexibility, travel, and a willingness and availability to
work some evenings and weekends.  The position can be  based in the Bay Area or Los Angeles.  The position is hired through Mujeres Unidas y Activas

Position begins in May and preference will be given to applications received
by April 17.

Organizational Description

Domestic Workers Coalition
, which is fiscally sponsored by Mujeres Unidas y Activas, has a Steering Committee of 7 domestic worker-member based organizations
and dozens of ally organizations including employers, seniors, parents, people with disabilities, interfaith, labor and community groups. The Coalition led and won the fight for permanent overtime protections for household workers. Our focus now is to strengthen
the enforcement of domestic workers rights, continue uplifting the voices of immigrant women workers in policy advocacy, and deepen our partnerships with others committed to realizing dignity in the home.

Key Responsibilities

    • Work with steering committee directors to develop, manage, and fundraise for the coalition’s budget
        • Cultivate relationships with current and prospective funders and donors
        • Coordinate and contribute to grant writing and the development of funder and donor materials
        • Ensure regranting to domestic worker groups
        • Share general budget updates and goals for fundraising with the steering committee

Maintain and cultivate relationships with legislators,policymakers, and key allies, ensuring strong representation
of the coalition’s interests and strengthening the platform for immigrant domestic workers to lead and shape policies that impact their lives.

Represent the coalition in key statewide alliances that advance labor, women’s economic equality,
and immigrant rights.

        • Represent the coalition in meetings with legislators and policymakers
Identify opportunities and prepare steering committee members to cultivate relationships
with legislators and policymakers 

Manage the external communication/profile and maintain the integrity of the coalition in
Sacramento as the leading voice for immigrant domestic workers

Support the coalition to build domestic worker political power, voice, and influence to win

Work with the coalition staff team to provide political context and direction to the steering
committee and coalition members on the development of strategies and campaigns that build domestic worker power.

Regularly exchange, synthesize and provide analysis on legislative and political updates
relevant to the coalition’s goals and membership

Provide leadership on developing agendas and preparing for meetings of the statewide steering

Provide support and direction to the coalition staff team in the following areas:  research/policy, communications,
regional alliance building, and labor law enforcement: 

        • Lead weekly team meetings to coordinate implementation of coalition work
Support staff in the development of their workplans and ensure timely implementation of their

Provide coaching sessions and trainings to develop skills of staff and/or troubleshoot challenges
they are facing in their work

must have at least 6 years experience running pro-immigrant, labor and/or legislative campaigns, supervising organizers, and managing and fundraising an organizational budget. Bilingual in Spanish and English strongly preferred. Candidates should have a deep
understanding of racial, gender and economic justice, strong written and oral communications skills, and a demonstrated ability to develop the leadership of others through campaigns.

50-60K. Excellent benefits including health/dental/vision, generous sick & vacation days.

Application Process
Send resume, cover letter, and three references by April 17, 2017 to
  Note “Coalition Director” in the email subject line.  Send materials as word doc or pdf.  
No phone calls please!

Mujeres Unidas y Activas/The California Domestic Worker Coalition is an equal opportunity employer.  People of color, women,
immigrants, youth, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply!

Katie Joaquin
Campaign Director
Mujeres Unidas y Activas & California Domestic Workers Coalition
Cell: (510) 838-1960



"Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education". by Joe Berry, from Monthly Review Press, 2005. Look at <> for full information, individual sales, bulk ordering discounts, or to invite me to speak at an event. 

To receive the periodic news aggregator, COCAL Updates, Email <>  It isarchivedat 

To join international COCAL listserve email <> If this presents problems, send an e-mail to or, send "Subscribe" to <

Join the national membership organization for contingent faculty and their allies, New Faculty Majority (NFM). Support, resources,and strategies for all things related to precarious faculty. <>

Plan to attend COCAL XIII in Queretaro, Mexico,  at the Autonomous University of Queretaro, August 2018. 
See for reports of COCAL XII Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and plans for COCAL XIII. Reports and full presentations  from COCAL XII, August 2016, Edmonton, Alberta, CAN:   see
Joe Berry
510-527-5889 phone/fax
21 San Mateo Road, 
Berkeley, CA 94707

Joe Berry
510-527-5889 phone/fax
21 San Mateo Road, 
Berkeley, CA 94707

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