A Lecturer Showed a Painting of the Prophet Muhammad. She Lost Her Job.

Howard Smead Discussion

Make no mistake about this, Dr. Lopez Prater lost her position because she was an adjunct, without job protection. The administration claims she wasn't fired. She simply wasn't re-hired for the next semester. Does one need a better example of "the Precarity"? She wasn't afforded the luxury of the necessary and thorough-going discussion of academic freedom that the incident that led to her dismissal requires -- within the academic community. She was on the outside looking in.

"Erika López Prater, an adjunct professor at Hamline University, said she knew many Muslims have deeply held religious beliefs that prohibit depictions of the Prophet Muhammad ... In class, she prepped students, telling them that in a few minutes, the painting would be displayed, in case anyone wanted to leave ... Then Dr. López Prater showed the image — and lost her teaching gig."