excerpt from After The Ivory Tower Falls by Will Bunch

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College as unAmerican ...

Today's selection -- from After The Ivory Tower Falls by Will Bunch. Belief in the value of a university education has been eroding, especially among conservative voters, a change that accelerated starting in 2015: "Wisconsin, more than any other state, captured the zeit­geist of the 2010s in red America, as the simmering discontents of vot­ers from rural areas and small towns that had started with talk radio gripes about 'political correctness' run amok finally boiled over the top. This anger among white working-class voters wasn't new, but it accelerated rapidly during the decade, egged on by newer media out­lets like the Fox News Channel and politicians like [Governor Scott] Walker who hadn't been around for the American Dream heyday of college ambition in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.