MESA panel members needed for "Urbanism and the Politics of the Mandate Period, local versus imperial interests"

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Middle East Studies Association 2014 Annual Meeting
Washington, DC, 22-25 November 2014

Organizer: Harrison Guthorn (University of Maryland, PhD Candidate)

"Urbanism and the Politics of the Mandate Period, local versus imperial interests"

This panel will focus on the intersection of local and imperial interests across the urban spaces of the Middle East in Palestine, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Please send an abstract and a CV to no later than February 12th. Authors will be notified by February 13th and have
until February 15th to submit their abstract to the MESA annual meeting
website.  Abstracts must be 250-300 words or less, and accord with MESA abstract guidelines, available here:

The panel organizer cannot submit abstracts on your behalf. MESA membership is required at the time of submission.

Mandatory politics varied greatly amongst the various League of Nations Mandates. Great Britain and France chose very different approaches to their governance of their Mandates. These decisions in turn dictated how they interacted with the local population. The intersection of local and imperial interests has been well described by the likes of Philip Khoury and Elizabeth Thompson in their works on Syria and Lebanon. What has garnered less attention is how these political skirmishes affected the development of urban spaces, in particular their various capitals. This panel seeks to explore the affect of local elites and non-elites on the development and/or re-development of their urban spaces.

-Which groups earned the most attention from the Mandatory officials?

- Were locals able to foster change without imperial oversight?

-What types of urban changes took place under French opposed to British control?

-Was urban development equally important to both European powers?

-Who controlled utilities development during the Mandate Period?

-What types of capital investment shaped the urban spaces of the region?

Again, please send all abstracts and CVs to Harrison Guthorn at by February 12th.