ANN: New Resource - Launch of the Khamseen Glossary

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online’s new Glossary, accessible here. This multimedia lexicon features fully captioned short-form videos—each lasting five to seven minutes—on terms relating to Islamic art, architecture and visual culture. The Glossary is conceived as a series of dynamic and informative “flash” talks that explore the etymology, use, and relevant examples of terms that are both central to, and expansive of, the discipline.
Under the direction of Khamseen team member Michelle Al-Ferzly, the Glossary features presentations by experts in the field. These presentations not only discuss sites, monuments, paintings, images, objects, and concepts considered “canonical” in the field, but they also aim to broaden the range of material, geographical, and temporal examples as well. For optimal accessibility, all Glossary term presentations are provided with closed captions.
At present, we have a selection of terms available on our website, and we wish to thank our contributors for this first round of presentations. Since we now are actively building the Glossary, we welcome further contributions from Ph.D. holders who wish to craft multimedia definitions of terms of their selection, or any of the available terms listed here.
If you are interested in contributing to Khamseen, please contact us at
Team Khamseen
Christiane Gruber, Founding Director
Sandra Williams, Managing Director
Yasemin Gencer, Content Coordinator
Michelle Al-Ferzly, Glossary Coordinator
Mira Xenia Schwerda, Production Manager
Bihter Esener, Digital Technologies Coordinator
Ani Kalousdian, Social Media Manager