ANN: Hazine Post - The Pen's Screech: Muslim Spiritual Practice of Arabic Calligraphy

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A new essay titled The Pen's Screech: Muslim Spiritual Practice of Arabic Calligraphy has been published on the Hazine website. The author, Noman Baig, discusses the challenges of developing a theoretical and practice-based Arabic calligraphy course in an academic setting and takes us through the life of the Pakistani Arabic calligraphy master Kashif Khan. The essay is an intimate account of how Muslims calligraphers approach the practice of Arabic calligraphy both practically and spiritually. Here's an excerpt: 

"To propose and teach a practice-based course in a highly academic setting is a formidable task. Practitioners usually face resistance from theoretically minded academics who perceive hands-on training as a lowbrow vocation. Last year in 2020, after practicing Islamic calligraphy for a year under a disciple of Kashif Khan (b. 1978), I decided to teach an undergraduate course on the subject at the newly established liberal arts college Habib University in Karachi, Pakistan."