ANN: International Journal of Islamic Architecture 9.2 (July, 2020)

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the staff of the International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA), I would like to announce the publication of our newest issue, 9.2 (June 2020). This is the eighteenth issue of a bi-annually published peer-reviewed journal on architecture, urban design, planning, and landscape architecture. IJIA aims to encourage dialogue between practitioners and scholars and enhance appreciation for the urban heritage in the region and pioneering design work. The journal is committed to inviting new research on understudied topics and reaching out to a broad international readership.

This volume is a special issue that explores the theme 'Field as Archive/Archive as Field', organized by Eray Çaylı (Guest Editor) and co-edited with Emily Neumeier (In-House Editor). It includes an introductory editorial essay, seven articles from academics and practicing architects addressing the special topic from numerous angles and approaches, book and exhibition reviews, and conference précis. A complete table of contents for this issue can be found here:

In September 2019, IJIA received the Mohamed Makiya Prize for Architecture 2019, also known as the Middle Eastern Architectural Personality of the Year Award, from the Tamayouz Excellence Awards, in recognition of the journal’s nearly ten years of publishing academic work on historical and contemporary architecture in the Islamic world and beyond. Subscriptions to IJIA are available in print and online:

We look forward to receiving your contributions, comments, and suggestions.


Emily Neumeier
Assistant Editor
International Journal of Islamic Architecture