ANN: Posthumous Images new book by Chad Elias

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Chad Elias is pleased to announce the publication of his new book, Posthumous Images: Contemporary Art and Memory Politics in Post-Civil War Lebanon (Duke University Press).

“Chad Elias's thoughtful analysis of artistic activity under 'state-sanctioned amnesia' in the Lebanese context is eye-opening and a source of inspiration for anyone interested in the long-lasting effects of imperial violence. The Lebanese Civil War and the amnesia it continues to generate are not assumed as a background against which Lebanese art is studied, or as a source of an un-presentable trauma. Amnesia is conceived as orchestrated by the state and integral to an entire economy of violence, desires, and mistranslations. Elias ingeniously shows art to be both a product of and a medium for this economy, but also a form of resistance to it.” — Ariella Azoulay, author of Civil Imagination: A Political Ontology of Photography

For more information, and to order the paperback at a 30% discount, please visit and enter coupon code E18ELIAS during checkout.