Symposium - Intersections: Visual Cultures of Islamic Cosmopolitanism (Dallas, 4-5 May 2018)

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From: Vivek Gupta <>
Date: 11 April 2018
Intersections: Visual Cultures of Islamic Cosmopolitanism
A collaboration between the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at UTD, Islamic Art Revival Series, a program of Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation and the Aga Khan Council for the Central United States, to be held at the University of Texas, Dallas, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Ismaili Jamatkhana in Plano.
Friday, May 4, 2018
University of Texas, Dallas, Library
10:00 am, Welcome, Melia Belli and Richard Brettel
10:15 am, Islamic Arts and Culture, A Global Perspective, Amyn Sajoo
11:00 am, Islamic Conversations with Late Antiquity and Medieval Europe
“Architecture and Ornament in the Frontispieces of the Sana‘a’ Umayyad Qur’an”
Marcus Milwright
“Setting the Elite Table across the Byzantine-Seljuq Divide”
Alicia Walker
“Exploring Cultural Meaning in the Thirteenth Century: Holy Land Scenes on the
Freer Canteen”
Cathleen Fleck
“Italia Islamica: Sicily and Southern Italy in the Later Middle Ages”
William Tronzo
“From Ahl al-bayt to al-Qarafa: Tourists and Pilgrims at Cairo’s Historic Southern Cemetery”
Aliaa El Sandouby
Respondent: Jennifer Pruitt
2:00 pm, Early Modern Conversations
“Ink, Blood, and Body: Transmission and Ritual Purity in the Early Modern
Western Mediterranean”
Manuela Ceballos
“A Coffeehouse in Aleppo: Architecture, Conviviality and Public Space”
Heghnar Watenpaugh
“Plato making music: A European organ at Akbar’s court”
Mika Natif
“Mughal Models of Chastity and Sensuality: A Study of Cultural Synergies”
Saleema Waraich
“Translating India: Mughal Art and French Knowledge Production in the Eighteenth Century”
Chanchal Dadlani
Respondent: Vivek Gupta
4:30 pm, Keynote Address, “Fatimid Objects in European Churches,” Jonathan Bloom
5:30 pm, Musicality of Calligraphy and Performance on Sitar, Bahman Panahi
Saturday, May 5, 2018
Dallas Museum of Art
11:00 am, Welcome, Melia Belli and Shafaq Ahmad
11:15 am, "Architectural Intersections: towards dialogue and understanding" Jason Moriyama
12:00 pm, Global Conversations: Modern and Contemporary Islamic Art
“Across Desert Sands: Trans-Saharan Visual Culture and Exchange”
Michelle Craig
“Traversing the Modern and Contemporary in Iraqi Art”
Nada Shabout
“Islamic Art for the Masses: The Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai”
Jennifer Pruitt
“Process and Poetics, Past and Present: Historicizing Shahzia Sikander’s Disruption as Rapture”
Vivek Gupta
Respondent: Neilesh Bose
3:00 pm, Keir Collection Tour
4:05 pm, Keynote Address, “Multicultural Past and Our Future,” Shahzia Sikander
Ismaili Jamatkhana, Plano
8:00 pm, Welcome, Samina Hooda, Aga Khan Council
8:10 pm, Choir performance, Ismaili Muslim Youth Choir
8:20 pm, Calligraphy Workshop and Performance, “Kufic Islamic Calligraphy Script: since inception to Today,” Arash Shirinbab