ANN: Online Series Milestones and Updates | “Today in 1920s Turkey: A Textual-Visual Translation Project and Experimental Database”

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Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to visit my open-access research and translation blog “Today in 1920s Turkey,” which recently exceeded 200 posts. This project provides modern Turkish transliterations, English translations, and commentary on original content produced by the Turkish popular press in pre-alphabet reform Turkey.

The textual-visual materials considered in this series consist of illustrations, cartoons, articles, photographs, news stories, and advertisements. Topics of discussion include, but are not limited to reform, modern life, science and technology, transportation, dress, family, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, sports, politics, art, consumerism, nation-building, satire, and censorship.

The direct link to the series is:

A convenient and searchable bibliographic master list of each of the first 200 posts is available here as a pdf, accessible through Academia. Each entry includes relevant information about the individual post as well as an active hyperlink to its page. Please feel free to circulate this document among your peers, students, and other interested parties.

Questions or comments concerning this project are welcomed and may be directed to


Yasemin Gencer