ANN: New publication: Imagining Antiquity in Islamic Societies

Stephennie Mulder Discussion

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new edited volume, Imagining Antiquity in Islamic Societies. The volume aims to explore the value and meaning of antiquity in Islamic societies, including how Muslims have engaged with the material legacies of ancient and pre-Islamic societies as well as how Islam’s own material and cultural heritage has been framed and experienced over time. It comprises seven articles formerly published as a special issue of the International Journal of Islamic Architecture and as well as an additional six articles.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Imagining Localities of Antiquity in Islamic Societies – Stephennie Mulder

PART 1: Imagining Antiquity in Medieval Islam 
1. ‘Return to Origin Is Non-existence’: Al-Mada’in and Perceptions of Ruins in Abbasid Iraq – Sarah Cresap Johnson
2. Medieval Reports of the Preservation and Looting of Pre-Islamic Burials in South Arabia – Daniel Mahoney
3. The Wisdom to Wonder: Ajā’ib and the Pillars of Islamic India – Santhi Kavuri-Bauer

PART 2: Imagining Antiquity in Ottoman Lands
4. Explosions and Expulsions in Ottoman Athens: A Heritage Perspective on the Temple of Olympian Zeus – Elizabeth Cohen
5. Spoils for the New Pyrrhus: Alternative Claims to Antiquity in Ottoman Greece – Emily Neumeier
6. Claiming the Classical Past: Ottoman Archaeology at Lagina – Amanda Herring

PART 3: Imagining Antiquity in Modernity 
7. Destruction as Layered Event: Twentieth Century Ruins in the Great Mosque of Gaza – Eli Osheroff and Dotan Halevy
8. In Situ: The Contraindications of World Heritage – Wendy M. K. Shaw

PART 4: Imagining Antiquity in the Contemporary World 
9. The Masjid al-Haram: Balancing Tradition and Renewal at the Heart of Islam – Muhsin Lutfi Martens
10. ISIS’s Destruction of Mosul’s Historical Monuments: Between Media Spectacle and Religious Doctrine – Miroslav Melčák and Ondřej Beránek
11. The Radicalization of Heritage in Tunisia – Virginie Rey
12. Heritage Crusades: Saving the Past from the Commons – Ian B. Straughn

Notes on Contributors

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Stephennie Mulder

Associate Professor of Islamic Art 
President, Middle East Medievalists
Department of Art and Art History 
Department of Middle Eastern Studies
The University of Texas at Austin