Climate in Words and Numbers - 3/9 EHS Seminar at the MHS

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Climate in Words and Numbers: How Early Americans Recorded Weather in Almanacs
with Joyce Chaplin, Harvard University

Tuesday 9 March
5:15 PM

Free Virtual Event - hosted by the Massachusetts Historical Society


As we begin to consider climate as an everyday problem, it's valuable to see how people did that in the past. With support from the Guggenheim Foundation, Joyce Chaplin is compiling and analyzing a database of manuscript notes about weather in early American almanacs, 1646-1821, out of 10,578 almanacs from nine different archives or libraries. Her talk focuses on how people recorded the weather in numbers (including degrees Fahrenheit) and in words, ranging from “dull” to “elegant!” These notations are significant as records of a period of climate change, the Little Ice Age, also as records of how people made sense of and coped with that climatic disruption.

The Environmental History Seminar invites you to join the conversation on Tuesday 9 March at 5:15 PM. The seminar brings together a diverse group of scholars and members of the public to discuss aspects of American environmental history from prehistory to the present day. Presenters come from a variety of disciplines including history, urban planning, and environmental management. *Please note that this session has no pre-circulated paper.

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