H Digital History Call for Network and Review Editors

Daniel Fandino Discussion

H Digital History is issuing a call for new Network Editors and Review Editors. If you are interested in joining H Digital History's volunteer team of Editors, please email us at editorial-digital-history@mail.h-net.org with a C.V. and cover letter attached.

The editorial staff of H Digital History is working to expand the Network's scope and to incorporate digital projects onto the H-Net platform. Please also indicate in your email if there is a specific project or topic you would like to focus on. Graduate students and recent PhDs are welcome to apply.

H-Net Review Editors assign reviews and manage submissions via H-Net's review system. Reviews are a vital and vibrant part of H-Net's mission and provide a tremendous service to the academic community. H-Net has access to the latest digital history publications and an established audience. By H-Net guidelines, Book Review Editors must have PhDs. H Digital History is interested in developing its review system to include digital projects.

H-Net provides online training that must be completed by all new editors. The training is short and will give editors the ability to fully utilize the potential of the H-Net's Commons. Editors share in the responsibilities of managing the network according to a monthly rotation. All editors must agree to a two-year commitment. Most importantly, prospective editors must have enthusasim for digital work and a willingness to be an active part of an editorial team.

In your cover letter, please state your reasons for wanting to become an editor. Your cover letter should also incorporate an acknowledgement of your willingness to assume a two-year commitment and agreement to abide by H-Net’s constitution, bylaws and policies. All applications must include complete and current contact information, a reliable email address, graduate school and program and year of study.

Editing H-NET networks provides valuable service to your field and a unique line to your CV. If you have any questions, please email us at editorial-digital-history@mail.h-net.org