Centering Art History & Visual Culture in the Digital Humanities: A Symposium Celebrating 10 Years of the Wired! Lab at Duke University

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October 17-18, 2019
Nasher Museum of Art | Duke University

Over the past decade, the use of digital methods has exploded in the study of art history and visual culture. As with other areas of the digital humanities, art historians and visual culture scholars have used a very wide range of approaches. Still, increasingly, one of the core areas that art history and visual culture have particular focused on is the analysis of spatial problems through computational methods and digital visualization. This conference brings to the fore core contributions of art historians and visual culture scholars to the spatial digital humanities. Looking at objects and environments at a wide variety of scales, panelists will ask: What spatial and temporal cultural problems can be addressed with digital methods? Conversely, speakers will address how the art and visual culture extend and complicate developments within the digital humanities.

This conference is held in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Wired! Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture here at Duke University. The Wired! Lab is itself a center of major research involving the study of objects, buildings, and urban environments at a variety of different scales and with diverse computational methods. We are pleased to host this dialogue on how spatial problems in art history and visual culture contribute to important developments within the digital humanities.

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