Workshop: Politics of E-Heritage: Production and Regulation of Digital Memory in Eastern Europe and Russia

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Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe in Cooperation with the Aleksanteri Institute
and the University of Glasgow
Time: 3-4 June 2019
Venue: Gisonenweg 5-7, Marburg
Initiators/Organizers: Eszter Gantner, Olga Dovbysh


1:00 pm WELCOME by Eszter Gantner/Olga Dovbysh

1:15–1:45 pm IMPULSE LECTURE by Peter Haslinger
Do We Need New Digital Knowledge Architecture for Dealing with Historical and
Cultural Memory?

1:45–2:00 pm Discussion

2:00–4:00 pm PANEL 1: Digital Memory and E-Heritage: Actors, Practices and Strategies in a
Multidisciplinary Approach
Chair: Olga Dovbysh

Maria Anikina & Viktor Khroul: ‘Digital Turn’ in Collective Memories Studies: From Public Opinion Polls to Spontaneous Text Analysis

Mykola Makhortykh & Nadia Metoui: When Digital Manuscripts Burn: Information Security and Digital Heritage in Eastern Europe

Zsuzsanna Varga: Digitalization in Hungary: Research Libraries, Private Business and the Challenges of Fragmentation

4:00–4:15 pm Coffee break

4:15–6:15 pm PANEL 2: Whose Heritage? Diversity of Digitization Projects
Chair: Tatsiana Astrouskaya

Stefan Trajkovic Filipovic: E-Heritage from Ancient Times.Digitizing Medieval Charters in Croatia, Hungary and Serbia

Ksenia Stanicka-Brzezicka: Between Diff erent and Related. Experiences from the Project “Scientific Infrastructure for Art-Historical Monuments in East Central Europe (FoKO)”

Adéla Gjuricova: From Digital Utopia to Audiovisual Heritage Re-Use:The Case of Czechoslovak Communist Past

Tadeusz Wojtych: Physical and Online Commemoration in Central and Eastern Europe (1989 – Present)

6:15–6:45 pm Concluding Discussion


9:00–9:30 am IMPULSE LECTURE by Markku Kangaspuro
Discussing on Source Criticism and History Research in the Era of Digitalisation

9:30–9:45 am Discussion

9:45-10:00 am Coffee break

10:00-12:00 am PANEL 3: Digital History-Production in Social Media
Chair: Eszter Gantner

Ekaterina Lapina-Kratasyuk: Personal Stories, Participatory History: Digital Memory Projects in Russia

Olga Dovbysh: “This is what users like”: How City Groups in SNS Commercialize Local History

Piotr Kisiel: Likeable Pasts: Facebook’s Historical Urban Views

Vera Zvereva: Digital Memory: Conflict, Falsification and Trust on Runet

12:00 am -1:00 pm CLOSING REMARKS and WRAP UP with Eszter Gantner, Olga Dovbysh