Call for Abstracts, Festival for New Economic Thinking

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The Festival for New Economic Thinking will take place from 19-20 October 2017 at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange in Scotland. The event is the result of a collaborative initiative between several organisations, including INET’s Young Scholars InitiativeRethinking EconomicsNetzwerk Plurale Ökonomik/ Exploring EconomicsThe Minskys and The History of Economic Thought Website

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The Economic History Working group invites scholars to submit their research on alternative perspectives and different approaches to the discipline.

The aim of the workshop is to actively celebrate and embrace different perspectives and schools of economic thought to provide fertile ground for the future of economics. To this end, the Economic History working group encourages the submission of papers that span various research frameworks and methodologies.

Papers inspired by institutional, feminist, and/or Marxian approaches, and/or the “History of Capitalism” school, are especially welcome, as are papers from other alternative frameworks. We want to engage a range of scholars from different backgrounds in a discussion of how economic history can be advanced through the lenses of different frameworks. In this spirit we also welcome papers on the historiography of economic history.


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