H-Net’s 25th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign

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Dear H-Digital History Subscribers,

Please consider making a donation to H-Net’s 25th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. Everything you see on H-Net and H-Digital History is dependent on the support and tireless effort of the Home Office. The many networks of H-Net rely on the Home Office to provide training for editors, manage the physical aspects of book reviews, and maintain the technical elements of H-Net's presence online. More than just a collection of networks, H-Net is a vibrant online community and unparalleled resource for scholars. In five years as a part of H-Net, the organization has enabled me to make meaningful connections with fellow scholars, stay informed as to developments in my field, and discover new opportunities. Taking a moment to make a donation helps to ensure H-Net's future and another 25 years of intellectual exchange and innovative initiatives. Thank you for your support!

Best wishes,

Daniel Fandino
Editor, H-Digital History
PhD Student, MSU

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