Christmas Bibliography

Patrick Cox, H-NET President-Elect and Editor's picture

Hey H-Amsters,

Long ago I was looking for readings on Christmas so I posted this request on the old H-Amstdy list serve. The inquiry prompted 16 replies and a number of emails with about 80 suggestions. I put them all together in one poorly typed document on the for-profit where it sat for years.

I’m happy to say that the Christmas bibliography generated on H-Amstdy has returned to H-Net in a new and improved form. The Christmas Bibliography now resides on H-Celebration. The entires are sorted by subject, geography, and academic discipline. Even better, it’s ready for (sorely needed) updates and more. There are instructions for adding to the crowd sourced collection, and H-Celebration subscribers can add notes, commentary, reviews, summaries, and links to every item in the bibliography. Some of the books have been reviewed on H-Net and those reviews have been added. This makes for a powerful crowd sourced resource for anyone working on Christmas Studies. We look forward to seeing it grow some more.

Please take a look, and subscribe to H-Celebration to add to the reading list.