Call for chapter: masculinities and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia

The editor of Genocide and Gender in the Twentieth Century: A Comparative Survey (see below) invites chapter submissions for the volume on one area of research:  masculinities, male gender roles, and men’s experiences as men in the unfolding of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Bosnia (1992-1995).

Reading Quiz Questions for Totten/Parsons, Century of Genocide

Greetings to all,

I am teaching a history&film course titled Genocide/Mass Killing in the Modern World. Among other readings, I plan to use the Totten and Parsons edited book for background/info on specific cases of genocide. Has anyone prepared reading quiz questions based on chapters in this book (or perhaps on the whole book) that you are willing to share with me? I will cite the source if you wish.

Thank you,

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Eric Engel Tuten, Ph.D.

PUb: The Birth of the New Justice

I would like to inform members of this list that my book, The Birth of the New Justice:  The Internationalization of Crime and Punishment, 1919-1950, has recently been published in the UK and the US by Oxford University Press.  The book explains the development of the field of international criminal law from the perspective of non-governmental organizations and international lawyers who developed key concepts and lobbied for their implementation.  Readers of this list may be interested in my chapter on the drafting of the Genocide Convention, which shows how Vespasien Pella, Henri

Call for Chapters - Women and Genocide: An Anthology

The editors of Women and Genocide: An Anthology to be published by Canadian Scholars' Press Inc. in 2015, invite chapter submissions of original research from interdisciplinary scholars on narratives, memoirs, and testimonies of women survivors of the following genocides: North American indigenous, Armenian, Holocaust/Jewish, Bangladesh,  Guatemala, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Sudan.  This edited book examines the unique experiences of women in comparative genocidal contexts.


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