Help with Inventory of "Beyond Testimony" Projects?


I am writing to ask for help with a large undertaking: an inventory of work with genocide (including Holocaust) and other political violence survivors that is not limited to the conventional testimony collection/archive model.  While they are various, the following dimensions characterize many of the projects that I have been listing:

1.  At least some degree of sustained acquaintance with the survivors involved--more than a single interview.

The Future of the Past Conference Program Available

Dear colleagues,

The program for the upcoming conference, The Future of the Past: Representing the Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Trauma in the 21st Century, is now available via the conference website:


The Future of the Past is the inaugural cross-institutional and inter-disciplinary conference convened by Deakin University and the Jewish Holocaust Centre

Dates: 6-8 July, 2014

World War I on H-Net

H-Net is pleased to announce the launch of the World War I Crossroads, a collaboration between editors and networks on the Commons dedicated to the scholarly study and discussion of World War I and the centennial commemoration of the conflict. This new Crossroads network will produce original content, facilitate initiatives on the conflict across multiple H-Net Networks, and highlight World War I postings from anywhere on the H-Net Commons.

Re: INQ: Studying Atrocity, Trauma, and Genocide: Scholars, and archival trauma

I have just happened on Mark Mengerink's interesting query on the possible traumatic effect when one immersesmerses oneself in Holocaust research. From my own personal experience in the private and public papers of Robert Briscoe, a member of the  Irish-Jewish community who was involved in the Irish War of Independence alongside Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera before becoming involved the 1930s German-Jewish emigration effort. He then joined with Jabotinsky and the revisionists in their desperate attempt to break the British blockade of the Mandate.

CFP: Missouri Valley History Conference- Call for Panels relating to Holocaust and Genocide Studies

In conjunction with the Missouri Valley History Conference, the Fried Holocaust and Genocide Studies Initiative at UNO is sponsoring panels that deal with any and all issues relating to Holocaust and Genocide Studies.  We particularly welcome complete panel submissions but also individual papers.  While the theme of the conference is "Our Natural World," we welcome applications on all topics.


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