This Friday - Online Discussion 'Playing the Holocaust'

Victoria Grace Walden Discussion

This Friday 4-5.30pm (0 UTC London/Portugal Time), join us for an online discussion with Prof. Wulf Kansteiner, Tabea Widmann, Kate Marrison and Pieter van den Heede about Holocaust memory, computer games and play.

Why is there so much hesitation about computer games and the role they might play in perpetuating Holocaust memory?
Is this hesitation medium-specific, or does it repeat historical 'media panics'?
What are the specificities of computer games, and other game formats? 
How might they add something to the Holocaust memoryscape? 
Are games and play the same thing? Do games necessitate 'role-playing'? 
To what extent can computer games give users agency as memory (co)-producers?
How might games and play contribute productively to Holocaust memory?

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