Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, Issue 42 California Indian Genocide and Healing

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The special isse of the Humboldt Journal of Social Relations on California Indian Genocide and Healing has been published. The journal may be viewed at

In this issue established, emerging and aspiring scholars have come together to interrogate a history and society that laid the groundwork for societal divisions which have given rise to the local, regional and national protests, actions and conversations on racial and social justice that are taking place at time of this writing. The work of each of the authors represented here could stand on its own. When combined with the perspectives and understanding presented in the companion articles a composite of the approaches to the state of Genocide and Native American Studies in the context of the California emerges. What is presented within these pages should be regarded as a snapshot in time of the thinking and scholarly approaches to be expanded upon to build a comprehensive literature of what took place in the state at the regional and tribal level.