European Judaism (Vol. 53, Issue 2)

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Volume 53, Issue 2



Jonathan Magonet


Reading with Albert Friedlander

Out of the Whirlwind Reconsidered: Context and Appreciation

Michael Berkowitz


Speaking of the Holocaust: From Silence to Knowledge and Back Again

Keith Kahn-Harris


Berlin 1927: Intersections with Albert Friedlander

Susanne Kord


Albert H. Friedlander: An American Appreciation

Amy-Jill Levine


Laughter in the Ghetto: Cabarets from a Concentration Camp

Lisa Peschel


Reading with Albert

Cassy Sachar


The Long Shadow of the Perpetrators

Alexandra Senfft


Ernst Leitz of Wetzlar and Helping the Persecuted: Scope of the Research and Some Reflections

Frank Dabba Smith


Anglo Jewish History

Why Were the Founders of Liberal Judaism in Britain Opposed to Zionism?

Lev Taylor


From the Tradition

A Piyyut for Hoshana Rabbah

Iris Ferreira


Why Does God Get It Wrong?: Divine Fallibility in Athens and Jerusalem

Gabriel Kanter Webber


In Memoriam

Evelyn Friedlander, Aviva bat Miriam v’David, 22 June 1940–2 October 2019

Jonathan Magonet


Book Reviews and Review Essay

Melissa Raphael, Dorothea Magonet, and Frank Dabba Smith


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