RE: Digital Holocaust Memory - New Blog Project

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Dear Colleagues

I would just like to draw your attention to a new blog which was established as a portal to track an emerging project into digital Holocaust memory. The conditions of Covid-19 Pandemic lockdowns across the world have, however, given this work more urgently in tracking and reflecting upon new practices in online-only commemorations (particularly in this 75th year), virtual museums and educational programmes, as well as care and contact with survivors during this time. 

Please do follow the work and share your thoughts in the comments. We also welcome guest blogs or vlogs from those working in this area, as museum, archive or education professionals, or academics. I am also hoping to host a series of webinars related to this topic. Please do pass this on to any one you think may be interested in contributing in either way. 

You can also follow the project on Twitter @Holocaust_digi and on Facebook @DHMemoryProject 

Best wishes

Dr Victoria Grace Walden

University of Sussex