Digital Holocaust Memory Event

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Digital Holocaust Memory Roundtable Event - Monday 23rd March 2020 4-6pm 

As Holocaust denial and neo-Nazism proliferate online, taking stock of how the digital may (or may not) be useful in perpetuating Holocaust memory has never been a more urgent inquiry.

This round table discussion explores what Holocaust museums, educational teams and archives are doing with the digital today. Chaired by Victoria Grace Walden (University of Sussex), we welcome a panel of esteemed guests: Fiona Darling (Senior Producer, Public Engagement and Learning, Imperial War Museum), Toby Simpson (Director of the Wiener Library, London), and Sarah Wetton (Senior Educator on Content, National Holocaust Centre UK) to discuss some of the ways the digital has been integrated into their own heritage, memory and education practices and to explore questions such as:

  • Why should Holocaust memory and education institutions invest in the digital?
  • How can digital technologies play a role in the continuation of Holocaust memory as this past moves beyond 'living memory'?
  • What threat does the increasing online presence of Holocaust denial and neo-Nazism have for institutions invested in remembering and educating about the Holocaust?
  • How might digital tools be used by Holocaust memory and education institutions to combat rising anti-semitism and Holocaust denial?
  • What does the 'digital' add to practices of Holocaust memory and education that non-digital approaches cannot offer?
  • In what ways might the future of Holocaust memory and education be digital?
  • What are the risks and limitations involved with engaging with the digital in these contexts? 

The event is free, but please do book a ticket to reserve a seat as space is limited. We would kindly ask those that cannot make it to cancel their booking to allow others to attend. 

The event will be held in room G-15 (ground floor) of Fulton Building at the Falmer Campus of the University of Sussex. Site maps can be found here: There will be a drinks reception after the event. 

The nearest train station is Falmer and campus is a 5 minute walk from the station. 

Tickets are available here: