Help with Inventory of "Beyond Testimony" Projects?

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I am writing to ask for help with a large undertaking: an inventory of work with genocide (including Holocaust) and other political violence survivors that is not limited to the conventional testimony collection/archive model.  While they are various, the following dimensions characterize many of the projects that I have been listing:

1.  At least some degree of sustained acquaintance with the survivors involved--more than a single interview.

2.  Survivors involved as collaborators and not solely as one-time "subjects," "witnesses," or "informants."  This could mean a lot of things--collaborative development of the project itself, collaborative analysis and interpretation, working together to locate other survivor-collaborators, etc.

3. Along with projects that have primarily documentary or historiographic purposes, I am also listing collaborative projects in the arenas of education, creative arts, mutual support (emotional or material), human rights and other political initiatives, and so on.

If you are involved in such a project, or know of one (including ones now past), I would greatly appreciate your being in touch with me so that the work can be accurately described and listed.  Publication is anticipated.   Email:

Much thanks and best to all,

Henry (Hank) Greenspan

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor