The Genocide Contagion receives "Spirituality and Practice Book Award"

Israel Charny's picture

The Genocide Contagion: How We Commit and Confront Holocaust and Genocide by Israel W. Charny, Director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem has been awarded the “Spirituality and Practice Book Award.”

This “book for learning about ourselves BEFORE!" is published by Rowman & Littlefield both in hard cover and e-book editions. It is written to lead the reader/learner to an encounter with their own selves and the deeply challenging question of “Where will I be and what will I do if” if I am being drawn by history into participating in an event of genocide.

The book is being sold widely internationally. Countries where The Genocide Contagion has been sold to date include Armenia,  Austrialia, Canada,  Germany,  India,  Israel,  Malaysia,  Puerto Rico,  United Kingdom,  United States of America. The book has been purchased at this time by about 150 colleges and universities including Catholic University, UCLA, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, University of Ottawa, University of Bamburg (Germany), and many others.

A new five star review on Amazon says the book “is a fascinating study - kept me riveted from beginning to end.” The author of this review added, “I particularly appreciated how the author is personally present in the book as a human being and not as someone who is above the human condition.”

An earlier review by a 90 year old child survivor of the Holocaust who is a “graduate” of the Warsaw Ghetto described the book as one that is “about much more than genocide. It can open people’s eyes, and help in their daily lives, marriage, and bringing up their children.” 

Samuel Totten, a veteran genocide scholar, applauds “the unique combination of true incidents, fictional scenarios, and exercises that encourage readers to explore who they really are and to delve deeply into what they really think, believe, and feel.”

The Genocide Contagion is the first book that provides an actual series of exercises for readers in which they are given a direct opportunity to answer questions, and to see their own answers and what they suggest about their potential for participating in a genocide.  It is a book about all of us human beings long before genocide takes place. 

The Genocide Contagion can be ordered in hard cover or e-book from the publisher at approximately 30% discount.  Contact or toll free 1-800-462-6420. The book can also be ordered from Amazon and other booksellers.