Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 2017 international summer program in conflict resolution

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Shalom (in Hebrew “peace” and “hello”),

The successful 17-year Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation Graduate Program (in Hebrew) at Bar-Ilan University (Israel) is operating a one-month (July 6 – August 3, 2017) International Summer Program in Conflict Resolution. The program offers students the opportunity to earn 8 academic credits (4 courses: cooperation, religion, culture and narratives - all, conflicts-related) and get a certificate. Applications are open to holders of undergraduate/graduate degrees, current advanced undergraduate students and current graduate students worldwide, from all disciplines in the social sciences, the liberal arts and the humanities. For general information about this Summer Program please visit this Overview webpage and its three additional specific webpages: Curriculum and Courses of the program (4 courses), its Admissions (including its affordable tuition and available scholarship) and FAQ. Here is information about the media coverage, testimonials of the program’s alumni students, and pictures of its activities in the previous years. You are also welcome to read about Bar-Ilan University in general and General non-Academic-Info about the Summer Program (see subpages on the left).  Here is the link to the registration to the Summer Program – registration is open (the earlier that you apply the more chances you have to be accepted). This flyer delineates more information.  

Please also read here specific information about our CHE full scholarships for Chinese/Indian students to see if you are eligible and if so – how to apply.  

For information contact us or email Dr. Rafi Nets at

All the best,

Dr. Rafi Nets

Summer Program Managing Director