Seeking panelists for FCHS panel on colonial nostalgia, memory, colonial comparisons

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List members,

I'm interested in putting together a last minute panel for the meeting of the French Colonial Historical Society in Seattle, 31 May - 2 June 2018. The deadline for proposals is November 15. 
My proposed paper looks at how French officials and other writers promoting colonialism in Senegal in the first half of the nineteenth century looked back to an imagined colonial past by referencing seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French colonial history.
Other contributions might address colonial nostalgia, colonialism and memory, historical rhetorics of comparison between colonial regimes across space and time, or related topics. 
Rather than replying to the list, please email me at
Jenna Nigro
Assistant Professor
Department of History and Political Science
Utah Valley University
Orem, UT
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