Podcast of Interest: Paroles d'histoire

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Dear Subscribers,

Paroles d'histoire is a French-language podcast that will appeal to those interested in French colonial history.  André Loez, who has a PhD in the history of World War I, began this podcast in April 2018.  Every Wednesday, he hosts scholars of all periods and approaches to history to discuss "recent or classical books, historiography and methodology, debates and controversies, and all possible uses of history."  For example, Claire Marynower discussed socialists in colonial Algeria and Pierre Grosser spoke on Asia in the twentieth century.  Each episode includes a summary of the discussion and a list of sources referenced.  The podcast website also has a list of pedagogical resources.  With over sixty episodes to date, this is sure to be a valuable resource for those researching in and teaching history.


Dr. Erica Johnson Edwards, Network Editor