Did you publish a book recently?

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Dear Subscribers,

This summer, I will be compiling lists of recent publications in French Colonial History.  If you published a book (monograph or edited volume) since January 1, 2018 or will have one out by July 31, 2019, please email the following information to editorial-french-colonial@mail.h-net.org by June 1, 2019:

Name of the publication and authors/editors

Publisher information (preferably with a link)

Five key words that best categorize the work (geographic region, topic, etc.)

Thank you,

Dr. Erica Johnson Edwards, H-French-Colonial Editor

Dear Dr. Johnson Edwards,
In reply to your solicitation for publication titles on French colonial history that have come out or will be coming out between January 2018 and 31 July 2019, I wish to bring to your attention the publication at the end of May 2019 of the first issue of the Haitian History Journal/Revue d'Histoire Haïtienne, devoted entirely to the Haitian Revolution, its impact throughout the Atlantic World and France: 18th-early 19th centuries (approx. 600pp.).
The Managing Editor: Frantz Voltaire
The Editorial Board: Carolyn Fick; Claude Moïse; Frantz Voltaire
The Publisher: Les Éditions du CIDIHCA, Montréal
Keywords: Haitian revolution; France; 18th-19 century Atlantic; litterature and culture; slavery and abolition