Seeking panellists for AHA panel on Global biography and the French empire

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We are planning a two-session panel on global biography and the French empire for next year's meeting of the American Historical Association (NYC, January 3-6, 2019). We are looking for between one and three papers to round out the sessions (proposals due 2/15).

Panel 1 will focus on false identities in empire, including: 

Kathleen Keller on Mamadou Kane, a Senagalese man in Paris convicted of collaboration with the Nazis.

Arthur Asseraf on Massaoud Djebari, an Algerian interpreter of modest origins who was sent on a mission to Nigeria and ended up becoming something of a public celebrity in France in the 1890s.

Larissa Kopytoff on a man (who may or may not be an African prince) traveled through Europe in the early 20th century. 

Panel 2's thematic direction is still open, but will include: 

Noëmie Duhaut on the evolution of Adolphe Crémieux’s legal views on citizenship and empire from the 1830s to the 1870s and how these relate to the battles he was waging to abolish religious discriminations in metropolitan France.

Elise Franklin on Armand Perrou, a French man who set up an unsanctioned adoption agency for Algerian children during the Algerian War.

Mary Lewis and Jennifer Boittin have agreed to provide the comment. 

Please send proposals (max. 300 words) to Noemie Duhaut ( or Elise Franklin ( 

Please note the AHA also requires a short abstract or description for each presentation for the meeting app (max. 50 words) and a biographical paragraph or CV summary (max. 250 words) for each participant.