CFP for a panel: "En marge de ma Frenchness / Francophonie in Beur & Maghrebi writings and film productions" at NeMLA 2019 - 21/24 March

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This panel session proposes to discuss the vexed notions of “Frenchness” and “Francophonie” in contemporary Beur and Francophone Maghrebi writings and film productions. It examines the current cultural and socio-political debates on nationalism, identity and culture taking place both in France and in the Maghreb as well as the complex processes of trans-culturation that have characterized both the French and Maghrebi societies in the postcolonial era. It questions the complex relationships that France has maintained with both its minority population of Maghrebi origin in the Hexagon and its former colonies in the Maghreb. Despite these tensions and difficulties both in the French and the Francophone Maghrebi societies, some Beur and Maghrebi writers and film producers have managed to challenge traditional binary discourses in terms of territory, language, culture and identity and attempted instead to construct a transnational identity and culture that reconcile oppositions and open up a dialogue of tolerance. 


Please send your abstract before 30 September 2018 through (panel number: 17657).