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June 8, 2017

Tulane University, History Department

115 Hebert Hall, Room 125 D

6823 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, USA




9:00h | Opening Remarks

Laura Rosanne Adderley – Tulane University


9:30h – 10:50h | Panel I – The United Nations, Trusteeship, and Non-Self-Governing Territories


Moderation: Aurora Almada e Santos – New University of Lisbon


Jessica Pearson – Macalester College

The Founding of the United Nations and the Colonial Question: Perspectives from the French Empire


Mary Ann Heiss – Kent State University

National Prerogatives versus International Supervision: Britain’s Evolving Policy toward the Campaign for Equivalency of United Nations Handling of Dependent Territories, 1945-1963


Francesco Tamburini – University of Pisa

The United Nations, the Italian Decolonization and the 1949 Bevin-Sforza Plan: A Victory for Neo-colonialism?


10:50h – 11:10h | Coffee Break


11:10h – 12:10h | Panel II – Debating Decolonization in Trust Territories


Moderation: Jessica Pearson – Macalester College


Daniel Spence – University of the Free State

“Leave us Alone”: Cayman Islands’ Self-determination and the United Nations’ 1977 Visit


Alessia Tortolini – University of Pisa

The Trust Territory of Somaliland (1950-1960). Trusteeship or Colony?


12:10h – 1:30h | Lunch


1:30h – 2:50h | Panel III – Contradictions of Apartheid and the United Nations


Moderation: Elisabeth McMahon – Tulane University


Jason Morgan – Collin College

A Challenge to the System:  The South West Africa Question and the United Nations Trusteeship Committee, 1946-1951


Rotem Giladi – University of Helsinki & Hebrew University

A Stepchild of Decolonisation? The United Nations, the Rivonia Trial, and the Making of Human Rights 


Angela Loschke – University of Leipzig

The United Nations between ‘Old Boys Club’ and a Changing World Order. The Example of South Africa in the United Nations, 1945-61


2:50h – 3:10h | Coffee Break


3:10h – 4:50h | Panel IV – Negotiating New Hierarchies at the United Nations and Post-1960 Shifts


Moderation: Nicole Eggers – Loyola University


Caio Simões de Araújo – University of Geneva

“The First Act of a Drama”: Goa, Katanga, and the Diplomacy of Decolonization at the United Nations


Chantalle F. Verna – Florida International University

Haiti and the World: Haitian Professionals in Congo after World War II


Lorenzo Vannoni – University of Pisa

United Nations as “Superpower Tool”: The Case of Congo


Aurora Almada e Santos – New University of Lisbon

A Top Priority Concern?: The United Nations vis-à-vis The Portuguese Colonial War