CFP for Panel Collaborators: ASAUK 2018

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African Studies Association of the United Kingdom Biennial conference September 2018

Panel on Child Labor in Africa

Pedro Goulart, Pedro A. Oliveira and Aurora A. Santos, members of the research project «"Tell me how it was": Public policies and child labor in Portugal and the Portuguese colonies» are seeking for collaborators for a panel proposal on Child Labor in Africa to be presented at the ASAUK, between September 11-13, 2018.

Child labor research grew greatly with the last two decades representing about 82% of the total literature on the topic since 1900 available at the Web of Science. However, two main gaps remain. First, the evidence is geographically unequal, with child labor research on Africa being much scarcer. It represents only 8% of the world literature on the topic, in spite of 20 per cent of African children work, a far higher percentage than in other continents, and representing 43-48 percent of total estimates of child labour (ILO, 2017). Second, historical evidence is even scarcer in spite of the growing attention on labour colonial issues.

The panel proposal intends to focus on child work in the African contemporary, colonial and pre-colonial contexts. We are particularly interested in papers using microdata, official data, archival evidence and testimonies providing insights on the administration, private sector, activist, common folk and foreigner views. Quantitative and qualitative evidence from the entire continent is welcome.

Interested collaborators should send an abstract (200 words) and short CV (250 words) to Aurora A. Santos, at by Sunday, March 25, 2018.