TOC: French Politics, Culture & Society (Vol. 35, Issue 3)

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The articles in this issue of French Politics, Culture & Society range from an examination of one of the first instances of a public intellectual engagement with the phenomenon of neoliberalism in France to an analysis of the idea of “Algerian literature” and its structural relationship to “French literature”—unstable notions that have been subject to fierce debate. This issue concludes with two review essays and book reviews.

Volume 35, Issue 3


Conflicted Power of the Pen: The Impact of French Internment on the Pacifist Convictions and Literary Imagination of Lion Feuchtwanger, Nicole Dombrowski Risser

What Was So Funny about Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973): A Comedic Film between History and Memory, Michael Mulvey

The Origins of the Anti-Liberal Left: The 1979 Vincennes Conference on Neoliberalism, Michael C. Behrent

Camus et la "littérature algérienne": Une notion stratégique dans l'espace littéraire francophone, Tristan Leperlier

Reflections, Events, and Debates

Sur les traces de Michel Crozier en Amérique: Verités au pays de veritas, Michel Anteby

Review Essays

Jews and Christians in Vichy France: New and Renewed Perspectives, Michael Sutton

Telling the Story of History with Henry Rousso and Ivan Jablonka: Situating the Present to Write the Past, Nathan Bracher

Book Reviews

Michael Miller, Paul V. Dutton and Laura Hobson Faure

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