New Issue TOC: Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques (Vol 49, Issue 1)

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The latest issue of Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques has published!

Volume 49, Issue 1


The Queer Death of the Hanged Dog

The 1677 Execution of Mary Higgs’ Mongrel

Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey

The Professionalization of the Clergy

Parish Priests in Early Modern Malta

Frans Ciappara

Reconsidering Voltaire on Jews and Judaism in Le Dictionnaire philosophique

Arthur Scherr

French Perceptions of Macau as Place and Space in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Jingzhen Xie

The Multiplied Mind

Perspectival Thinking in Arendt, Koestler, Orwell

Milen Jissov

Karsavina, Mallarmé, and Mauclair

A Literary pas de trois in Early Twentieth-Century Dance Criticism

Sasha Rasmussen


Daniel Nethery and Elisabeth C. Macknight

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