Archival access in Algeria?

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I am an American doctoral candidate researching French colonialism and environmental history in the Maghreb, specifically Tunsia and Algeria. I am working on a chapter that examines colonialism and urban environment in Algiers and Tunis and am currently trying to finalize my summer research plans.

I have worked in the Archives nationales de Tunisie before and intend to revisit them in June. I am wondering about the feasibility and process of conducting archival research in Algeria, specifically the Centre nationale des Archives or the Bibliothèque nationale d'Algérie in Algiers. The Tunisian archives were relatively straightforward but I don't believe the Algerian ones will necessarily be as easy to access. And unfortunately, the website for the Algerian archives has been offline for the last ~4 years.

Does anyone here have experience doing archival work in Algiers or elsewhere in Algeria? I'd appreciate any insights on the logistical elements or other related advice. I obviously plan to spend time at ANOM this summer but would like to see about supplementing that material with archival sources in Algeria.

Merci !

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Hi Tyson - I'm currently in Algeria for a research trip and would be happy to share anything my experience, in case it's helpful. Shoot me an email and we can chat!