New Researches on the Religion and Mythology of the Pagan Slavs

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The religion and the mythology of the Pagan Slavs are poorly known to non-Slavist scholars. Although some major studies on folklore have been published in French or in English, the synthesis concerning paganism itself are rare and old.

The French editions Lingva ( would like to try to remedy this by publishing a second collection of recent essays in English, New Researches on the Religion and Mythology of the Pagan Slavs, vol. 2.

To be accepted, these articles must meet a series of criteria:

  • they must be written in English;
  • they must be unpublished in English (but they may have been previously published in another language);
  • they must concern in the first place the religion and the mythology of the pagan Slavs. It is of course possible to refer to folklore, but only to the extent that it confirms old data;
  • texts based on archaeological discoveries are welcome;
  • any form of neo-paganism is excluded.

There is no size limit and iconography is welcome. The texts must be accompanied by an abstract and keywords in English and in the language of the author's choice.

Each author will receive a copy of the book and the pdf file of his article. Deadline for submission of texts: 1st June 2022.

Contact address: Viktoriya and Patrice Lajoye,