Latest Issue of Narrative Culture on "Political Narratives", 6 (1) 2019

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Narrative Culture Volume 6, Number 1 – 
Stefan Groth (ed.): Special Issue: Political Narratives. Narrative Culture 6 (1), 2019.

Political Narratives / Narrations of the Political: An Introduction (pp. 1-18)
Stefan Groth
DOI: 10.13110/narrcult.6.1.0001/

Narratives of “Welcome Culture”: The Cultural Politics of Voluntary Aid for Refugees (pp. 19-43)
Ove Sutter
DOI: 10.13110/narrcult.6.1.0019 /

Narrating Migration Politics in Veneto, Northern Italy (pp. 44-68)
Sabina Perrino
DOI: 10.13110/narrcult.6.1.0044 /

Unity and Stability? Legacies and Remembrance of the Great Patriotic War in Russia's Exclave of Kaliningrad (pp. 69-87)
Rita Sanders
DOI: 10.13110/narrcult.6.1.0069 /

Resistance or Thuggery? Political Narratives of Urban Riots (pp. 88-111)
Frank Gadinger, Christopher Smith Ochoa and Taylan Yildiz
DOI: 10.13110/narrcult.6.1.0088 /

Narrative Culture claims narration as a broad and pervasive human practice, warranting a holistic perspective to grasp its place comparatively across time and space. Inviting contributions that document, discuss, and theorize narrative culture, the journal seeks to offer a platform that integrates approaches spread across numerous disciplines. The field of narrative culture thus outlined is defined by a large variety of forms of popular narratives, including not only oral and written texts, but also narratives in images, three-dimensional art, customs, rituals, drama, dance, music, and so forth. Narrative Culture is available in print and online from Wayne State University Press