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June 28, 2022
Czech Republic
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Humanities, Popular Culture Studies, Cultural History / Studies

The Czech Technical University, Prague, welcomes contributions from a full range of fields across the humanities and social sciences to its June 2023 conference:


Cultural Heritages Past and Present - Built and Social

Dates: June 28-30, 2023

Abstracts: Nov 25, 2022 (Round 1) |  April 15, 2023 (Round 2)



CALL Summary:

2023 marks the twentieth anniversary of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Heritage. That event came three decades after the World Heritage Convention. Through that, UNESCO had set up its World Heritage List of protect sites and buildings. The intervening years have seen multiple shifts in how we define heritage – as both material objects and social traditions. Today more than ever before, the distinction is blurred. The streets on which we live, the edifices we design and the monuments we protect are all connected to the lifestyles, traditions and social groupings we celebrate and safeguard.

What we mean by heritage today then, is an open and diverse question. Our cultures, communities and traditions, our buildings, cities and artworks are all component parts of what we understand as ‘preservable’ history. The dynamics at play are, however, complex. Community traditions are threatened by globalization. Conserving architectural heritage can conflict with community development models. Monuments are often focal points for cultural contestation. Archaeological sites are valued in themselves and simultaneously erased by both the forces of conflict and ‘progress’.

This conference seeks to open debate on these changing, complex and at times contradictory definitions of cutture and heritage.


Czech Technical University with AMPS and Intellect Books



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Joseph Reid, Jitka Cirklová, Václav Liška, Raj Kumar

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