Living Uncertainty - SIEF 2023

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The Call for Panels, Roundtables, Workshops and Combined Formats is now open for SIEF2023 Living Uncertainty that will take place in Brno, Czech Republic next year from 7-10 June 2023.

Call for panels

With the theme Living Uncertainty, we encourage participants to open the debate on uncertainty in Ethnology, Folklore and adjoining fields, both in terms of the uncertainty of everyday life and of epistemological uncertainty.

We currently face a new level of uncertainty as our “traditional” paradigm of research, teaching, and presentation conducted face-to-face is transformed in favour of online interactions and knowledge sharing. We are discovering new virtual terrains and/or terrains located in the future that force us to rethink our approaches.

We thus invite panels, roundtables and other conference formats that explore research in uncertain fields and situations: global and local conflicts, environmental and social disasters, situations of ontological and cognitive dissonance, and, last but not least, pandemics or war (in any sense of the word).

Please read an exploration of the theme, the details on the Call for Panels page before scrolling down to the link to make your proposal. All proposals must be made by online form (not via email).

See you in Brno!
SIEF2023 admin team