Variation and Change in Digital Folk Practices

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"Variation and Change in Digital Folk Practices"

A virtual panel of the working group on Digital Ethnology and Folklore of SIEF (International Society for Ethnology and Folklore)
Dates: October 5-7, 2022
Tallinn University, Estonia
The increasingly widespread adoption of digital communication technologies over the last thirty years has hugely changed almost all aspects of everyday life. Whether it be the omnipresent smartphone, the hybridization of virtual working and learning places, or the always-on environment of social media, these technologies bring increased scope and speed to our everyday communication, which creates new capacity for variation and change. This panel focuses on how these digital media technologies and everyday networked connections extend and challenge how we think about ethnology and folklore.
This special panel of the DH Estonia Conference is organized by the SIEF working group on Digital Ethnology and Folklore (  and sponsored by SIEF, the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore. The DEF working group fosters dialogue between ethnologists, folklorists and other scholars engaging with digital technologies in their research?including digital culture, digital practices, and the implications of the digital for our methods, tools, theoretical frameworks and ethical considerations.
We welcome a variety of approaches to folklore, ethnology and digital media. We are especially interested in papers that engage with digital folklore and ethnology related to:
*the virtual workplace and/or remote learning
*social movements, including anti-expert movements
*humor, play, and memes
*media use among children and adolescents
*rumors, hoaxes, legends, and panics
*methodological challenges and the future of ethnology and folklore
- Propose a paper (by August 1, 2022:  (remember to check the box to participate in the SIEF Panel)
- Notification of acceptance : August 15, 2022.
- Registration opens August 15, 2022: 30EUR (early bird) /50EUR (after October 1st).  Free for doctoral researchers!!
- Hosting conference: 8th Digital Humanities Estonia "Shifts in language and culture: computational approaches to variation and change":