Ethnography, Folklore, and Nineteenth-Century Print Culture

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Ethnography, Folklore, and Nineteenth-Century Print Culture

June 23‒24, 2022
LMU, Institute of European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis, Oettingenstrasse 67, 80538 München

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Conference Programme

Thursday, 23 June 2022 (room 151, 1st floor)

13.15                  Arrival, welcome, and introductions

13.35‒14.45      Opening of the conference by the Dissecting Society Team

    Christiane Schwab, Frauke Ahrens, Adriana Markantonatos, Alexandra Rabensteiner, Karin Riedl (LMU Munich)

14.45‒15.00      Coffee break

15.00‒16.45      Session I: Folklore and public communication
    Chair: Frauke Ahrens (LMU Munich)

    Underneath the folklore, the tradition: Discourses of authority and 'ethnological moment' (France, 1900)
    Laurent Le Gall (University of Brest)

    Finnish periodical Mehiläinen – education and ideologies
    Niina Hämäläinen (Kalevala Society)

    Readers' Lore. Media, Literature, and the Making of Folk-Lore
    Hannes Mandel (University of Texas at Austin)

16.45‒17.00      Coffee break

17.00‒18.15      Session II: Nineteenth-century print between education and entertainment
    Chair: Karin Riedl (LMU Munich)

    The beginnings of the illustrated press in fin-de-siècle Costa Rica: Image-text relations, visual literacy, and satirical journalism in Sancho Panza and Fray Serafín
    Gabriel Baltodano Román & Dorde Cuvardic García (Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica)

    Pedagogical Effects: On Human Geography in El Diario de los Niños (1840‒1845)
    Kari Soriano Salkjelsvik (University of Bergen)

18.45                  Dinner at „Leib & Seele", Oettingenstrasse 36, 80538 München

Friday, 24 June 2022 (room 123, 1st floor)

9.15‒9.30          Arrival

9.30‒10.45        Session I: Ethnographic intertextualities I
    Chair: Alexandra Rabensteiner (LMU Munich)

    The Making of Japanese Ethnology: James Cowles Prichard and Early Travel Writings of the Far East
    Efram Sera-Shriar (Science Museum Group, Durham University)

    "I have entered as many tents as I could but I was not able to see any real sea-Lapp!" Imaginaries, stereotypes and colonial narratives about Sámi peoples in late 19th     century Italy
    Erika De Vivo (University of Torino)

10.45‒11.00      Coffee break

11.00-12.15       Session II: Ethnographic intertextualities II
    Chair: Alexandra Rabensteiner (LMU Munich)

    "It is like being 'in' a story..." The influence of XIX century literary and journalistic production on Elsie Masson's and Bronislaw Malinowski's works
    Daniela Salvucci (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)

    George Frederick Abbott: Sketcher and Scholar of Macedonia
    Jonathan Roper (University of Tartu)

12.15‒13.15      Lunch break

13.15‒14.30      Session III: Circulating folklore
    Chair: Christiane Schwab (LMU Munich)

    The circulations of Matthea, the saintly Ghent beguine, between Belgium and Germany
    David Hopkin (University of Oxford)

    Reception of Fairy Tales in 19th Century Bavaria
    Silvie Lang (University of Kassel)

14.30‒14.45      Coffee break

14.45‒16.00      Session IV: Migrating narratives
    Chair: Adriana Markantonatos (LMU Munich)

    Dirty, Immoral, and Uncivilized: Bourgeois Narratives on Workers and Peasants
    Daša Ličen (Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

    'Dark Continents': The Inner Africa at the Margins of the European Metropolis. On the Travelling of a Topos in the Knowledge and Print Culture of the 19th Century
    Daniela Gretz (University of Cologne)

16.00‒16.30      Wrap up

17.00                  Optional get-together at the beer garden "Chinesischer Turm"

Frauke Ahrens M.A.
Institut für Empirische Kulturwissenschaft und Europäische Ethnologie
Oettingenstr. 67, 80538 München