Breaking the Rules? Power, Participation and Transgression

SIEF 2021 Congress

Breaking the rules? Power, Participation and Transgression

21-24 June 2021 - Helsinki, Finland


The Call for Panels, Roundtables, Workshops and Combined Formats is now open for SIEF2021 Breaking the rules? Power, participation and transgression that will take place in Helsinki, Finland around the magic of Midsummer next year - 21-24 June 2021.

New Research on Computational Models for Research Conspiracy Theories Published in PLOS One

Hi all,


Thought that this new article from Tim Tangherlini et al, might be of interest to the network. Here's the abstract:

An automated pipeline for the discovery of conspiracy and conspiracy theory narrative frameworks: Bridgegate, Pizzagate and storytelling on the web


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