Celebrating 25 Years Online - H-Net Needs Your Support

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Greetings members of H-Florida!

As the current review editor and a list editor for H-Florida, I wanted to tell you about why I find H-Net to be a wonderful resource and worthy of your support. Some of you are already aware that there is a fundraising drive to help preserve H-Net's independence and integrity, but there is a chance that a few of you may still be unaware. 

I want to offer a few reasons why I believe that H-Net is a valuable resource. Many of you have used H-Florida and other H-Net lists to network, to find information, to connect for conferences, and to build your own academic world. I know many of you have sent advanced grad students to H-Net to cut their teeth on review writing, networking, and to experience many other aspects of academia. I personally joined H-Net as such a grad student and was very appreciative of all of the support given to me by respected scholars in the field. 

As some of you may know, I currently serve H-Net as VP for Teaching and Learning. In that capacity, I have become increasingly aware of how valuable H-Net is for informing teaching. The resources available are numerous and range from online repositories, to syllabi, to specific content clarification by fellow colleagues. I myself obtained a list of books to assign when I was developing a new course due to the responses I recived to a query I posted. The sky is the limit because scholars, new and seasoned, can ask and receive assistance through the vast networks at H-Net.

If you have a moment, and have not already done so, consider visiting the H-Net 25th Anniversary page to explore the history and future of H-Net. Please also consider supporting H-Net directly if you are able. You can visit the support page here: Support H-Net.

Thank you and thanks for your continued support of H-Net and H-Florida.


Jeanine Clark Bremer